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04 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Best of Eagle Vs. Shark Loves Threadless

Since the Threadless Eagle vs. Shark competition deadline passed a few days ago, here’s a look at my favorite three entries:

Amazing Freak - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
This shirt is fantastic in just about every way. The awkwardness is easy to understand and the style (reminiscent of old circus posters) is impeccable.

Foiled Again! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Curses uses a great style (one that hasn’t been printed very often at Threadless). The story is easy to understand at a glance, and it has a lot of visual power.

Looking for love - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Looking for Love is more of a typical Threadless shirt, employing cute animals to service the theme. But the detailing, from textures on the animals to a neat star pattern in the background, set this submission apart from the pack.

Any of those three (and a handful of other nice designs) would be a great addition to the catalog and a worthy prize winner.

02 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless

Either I’m really easy to please today, or this was an exceptional crop of new shirts. I like every single shirt for sale today, and there are a couple that are on my buy list.

The best of the bunch, though, has got to be Priscilla Wilson’s excellent My Father Was a Sailor:

01 July 2007 ~ 10 Comments

T-Shirt Slogans: Three Top Places to Sell Your Ideas

Everyone wears t-shirts. And these days, it seems like nearly everyone is selling them, too. This is great news for people who can come up with cool t-shirt slogan ideas, because a lot of sites are willing to pony up big cash for them.

1. ThinkGeek. The big daddy of all nerd stores wants your ideas, and they’re willing to pay big for them. If you provide a slogan they use, you’ll get $250 (or a $300 gift certificate for the site).

2. Nerdy Shirts. Like the name says, they’re in the business of selling shirts to nerds. No art skills required, if your slogan (or t-shirt idea) is up to par with their product line, they’ll pay you $50.

3. ShirtADay. A relative newcomer to the t-shirt sales scene, this website features a brand new t-shirt design every day of the week. And that means they need a lot of shirt ideas. If you send them a PhotoShop file of your slogan and they use it, you’ll get a percentage of the day’s sales.

Honorable Mentions:

4. Threadless. Although they’re better known for more illustrative shirts, Threadless is also in the business of printing t-shirt slogans. If you’re slogan is printed, you’ll get $100 and a $100 gift certificate to the site. This is great, but the trouble is that new slogan tees rarely get printed and there is a ton of competition.

5. La Fraise. Sort of a European version of Threadless, La Fraise is also better known for designed t-shirts. It’s unclear what the odds are of getting a slogan printed right now (the site just broke off into three regions, each with its own slogan contest), but at any rate this is only of real interest to Europeans (you need a European address- or a fake one- just to register for the site). The prize for getting a slogan is also unclear, so be careful.

There you go, T-Shirt Slogan writers of tomorrow. When those slogan paychecks start pouring in, how about redirecting some of that my way?

01 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Uneetee’s $1000 June Winner

The Uneetee $1000 winner for June is:


Yoshi Andrian Amtha’s Where Is My Happy Face?

It’s a pretty great shirt, and definitely a deserving winner (although, like many, I’d like it better without the text). If you’re interested in buying it, you might want to hurry- like most Uneetee shirts, this will be on sale for today only (though it will probably be featured later on a re-run weekend event or at a higher price in the catalog at a later date, if you miss this purchase window).

If you think your design could be next month’s winner, you still have nine days to enter the July contest.

01 July 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Kings of Leon T-Shirt Design Contest


The band Kings of Leon have a t-shirt design contest underway. The contest is in conjunction with t-shirt makers Barking Irons, which should give you an idea of the style they likely have in mind.

If the band selects your shirt as the winner, your shirt will be sold while the band tours. You’ll also receive an Epiphone Guitar singed by the Kings of Leon and a variety of band-related merchandise. 10 second place winners will get the band’s entire CD catalog.

This competition ends on July 15th.

29 June 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Myntra: India’s Style Factory

It seems like every region will soon have it’s own t-shirt competition giant, and Myntra seems to be the first to lay claim on India. Although they currently resemble ShirtCity much more than Threadless, I wouldn’t be suprised if they evolve into something more exclusive eventually.

Myntra offers designers 10% of the revenue from their designs.

28 June 2007 ~ 0 Comments

It’s Cool, But I Wouldn’t Wear It…

Every t-shirt designer knows the horror of designing some genuinely cool art, only to have the comments fill up with people who wouldn’t wear it. If your art isn’t suited to t-shirts, don’t let it go to waste! Check out Don’t Panic, an on-going poster design competition. They’ve got a variety of themes, so your work is bound to find the right place.

Winners of the Don’t Panic competition receive 20 copies of their winning poster and a share of the sales revenue from their work.