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22 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Burgers in Shirt Design: 15 great examples

Burgers are one of the most iconic foods of our era, the foundation of numerous successful chain restaurants and also a classic food that most people enjoy spending the warm months grilling at home. From its mountains of toppings to its familiar circular shape to concerns about its healthiness, there’s a lot in this delicious dinner to inspire artists! Here’s a look at 15 of the best shirts about burgers…

20 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #919: Gamers

It’s all fun and games with Shirt.Woot‘s latest derby theme…

Starting Monday at 8PM CST: Derby #919: Gamers

It’s been a minute since we’ve shown the gamers some love, let’s see some gaming designs! Video and board games are fair game!

No politics, no war, no cream shirts.
No celebrity likenesses in mockups/detail images.
One design per entry.
Up to 4 entries per artist.
No AI-generated art.

This derby begins Monday at 8pm CST and continues through the following Monday at 8pm. Three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will be printed as daily offers on Tuesday through Thursday and earn $1000 and $2 per item sold after the first day of sales. Other designs may be selected for a Plus sale, with each selected design earning $2 per item sold.

19 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s Outdoors derby voting highlights

Being out and about in the environment was the theme of Shirt.Woot‘s Outdoors derby, and artists responded to the prompt with designs both pro and con on being outside, along with a lot of humor and a healthy dose of pop culture. Here’s a look at two current voting underdogs that I’d like to see get some more attention…

The Grate Outdoors by superteo is both a fun pun (love those grater trees!) and an accurate description of how being outside feels to indoor people.

Go outside, it’s colorful by kharmazero delights the viewer with a rainbow palette, and tons of movement in its lines to keep the eye moving.

This derby continues through Monday at 8pm. The top three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will earn $1000 cash and $2 per item sold. Additionally, other designs may be selected for future plus sales and sold for $2 per item each.

18 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Out Run and Time

Out Run and Time by StudioNMdesign combines two eighties classics, Back to the Future and the arcade racing game Out Run. It’s a mix that makes perfect sense since both debuted around the same time and both involve cars going very fast. This piece uses the framing and object positioning of the Out Run start screen, with all of the game’s original material replaced with references to the Back to the Future series. So now the car about to race is the souped up Delorean, signs celebrate BttF characters, and Doc himself takes a front row position in the crowd to time the car’s speed. It’s a very complete image, and should appeal to any fans of these specific properties or the look and feel of the 80s in general.

Pampling has multiple prizes available. XPress Prize winners earn 1 euro for each product sold in the presale and XPress sale (with a guaranteed minimum of 500 euros). Shot Prize winners earn 1 euro per product sold (with a guaranteed minimum of 200 euros). Classic Prize winners get 300 euros. All designers are also potentially eligible for the 1000 euro Designer of the Month Prize (selected by the Pampling team taking into consideration sales success, priority, and participation).

17 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow by kooky love is my favorite Threadless print this week. This is an excellent of minimalism in typography, pairing a clean, unadorned sans serif font with simple geometric shapes to create a clear and evocative image. Taking advantage of the frequency of Os in this phrase, they’ve all been lined up vertically and made into solid orange shapes. As the art continues down the shirt, the circles start to disappear behind a black horizon line, fading away like a sunset. I love the way this leaves the design literally showing the transition to the tomorrow it references, a very complete and well-executed idea. The subtle distressing is a nice finishing touch, adding a bit of vintage charm to a timeless concept.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

16 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Hot Season collection

Everything that defines summer was inspiration for Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Hot Season plus sale. From tees to wear at the beach to the food and feelings of the season, there’s a lot to choose from! Here’s what caught my eye this week…

Best of the Bunch: Sithwatch by RetroDivision imagines Vader as a lifeguard, and there’s a lot of humor in his dark, heavy attire on a sunny day at the beach.

Nicest Surprise: Cool Cat by jasneko makes the sun feel actually warm and glowing with a fun watercolor texture.

Shirt I Am Most Biased About: My design The Purrfect Wave lets a cat carve up the waves on a surfboard.

This promotion will only last until 11:59 p.m. next Thursday. So if there’s something you like, grab it fast!

15 May 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s Mental Health Awareness design contest

In partnership with The Trevor Project, Threadless‘s new Mental Health Awareness t-shirt design competition aims to inspire others. Here’s what they’re looking for…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time when we focus on destigmatizing the conversation around mental health and urge folks to seek out the services they need, especially when they’re struggling. This is an issue that greatly impacts the LGBTQ community. According to research by The Trevor Project, more than 1.8 million LGBTQ young people in the US seriously consider suicide every year.

Knowing the statistics, how can we as an Artist Community make a difference in their lives? We can start by doing what we do best—make art. For your next challenge benefiting The Trevor Project, we’re asking artists to make new designs that are inspirational, spread mental health awareness, and let LGBTQ young people in crisis know they are not alone. While brainstorming, think of symbols of love, acceptance, and community. As always, it’s entirely up to you which creative path you choose, whether you express your message through bold typography, deep symbolism, or tasteful humor.

Submissions open on May 9th, 2023. Enter before June 6th, 2023 for your chance to win. First place wins $1250 cash and a $250 gift code. Second place earns $500 cash and a $250 gift code. Third place gets $250 cash and a $250 gift code. All designers printed will earn up to $20 per item sold (learn more about Threadless artist payments).