22 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’ New Tees for Monday

Yep, it’s Monday and that means Threadless has a new batch of shirts. All the buzz seems to be surrounding Spoilt, which is admittedly a cool design. But it’s not to my taste, personally- I have a huge pet peeve about people reading my shirts, so I tend to avoid stuff with lots of tiny text. I feel it’s a better poster than a t-shirt.

My favorite is My Turn!, which combines several of my favorite things: Pies, strange creatures, a wrap-around image, the color green and hand-drawn textures. Excellent. Plus, it’s available in long sleeve.

One last comment: can the rhino thing be over now? They’re all over the place on Threadless lately, which bugs me because they’re not all that unique looking or attractive. I submit that hippos be substituted for rhinos in the future, because they are much, much funnier.

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