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Teetonic’s Signature Series

I’ve previously posted about Six Cities, and now there’s an update:

Teetonic has begun posting the Six Cities shirts done by professional, big name designers. And, to be frank, they’re a hot mess. Let’s take a look…

The pages for these shirts aren’t currently labeled, so there’s no telling which professional is responsible for which shirt. Not that it really matters- of the four shirts, I only find two to be at all wearable.

Make It Better, the Glasgow shirt, is pretty decent. I like the subtle change to the last E, the color choice is excellent, and I dig the message. What hinders the shirt, though, it the bizarre placement. I don’t particularly wish to have text coming out of my armpit. If that text were just a couple of inches lower, this would have been a truly great shirt.

The other semi-decent shirt is the green one (the Dundee shirt), with a colorful collage of… stuff. I think I see trees, a bike, some people talking, maybe a building. It’s not an original concept, and you can get shirts similar to this from any number of places. I wish there were some cool details to this collage (maybe some interesting size choices or new objects created out of several images… I’m just spitballing here, but there were options). It’s disappointing, but still wearable.

And now, the unwearable…

The tiny tie shirt, representing Inverness, is just odd to me. Why ties? Why tiny? Why safety orange? The world may never know. All I can say is that I have never seen ties that small in nature, and it weirds me out. I assume that there are six ties to represent the six cities, but beyond that I don’t understand anything about this.

And finally, Red Square of Stirling. Again, I have a lot of questions. Namely, who the eff is paying $34 for this weird shirt? There must be a story behind this, right? Maybe the square represents some kind of Scottish tradition I don’t understand. The sloppiness of this shirt is even represented in the product page, which list the shirt color as being orange (same as the tiny tie shirt) instead of red, as the picture clearly shows.

Two more shirts should be on the way, hopefully those are at a higher level than this mess (excepting Make It Better, which is acceptable).

And the real tragedy of all this is that I think Teetonic typically does some really nice work. Their regular design competition certainly has a higher level of quality than this Six Cities competition did. Here’s a sampling of some of their more typical shirts:

Much better, right? Teetonic is a really great site, and this Six Cities competition was definitely not up to par for them.

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