23 March 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Meowarts

Meowarts by ppmid combines two things most people love, Harry Potter and cats. For me, a lot of the joy in this concept is in how fun all the little cat portraits are. Human hair, costumes and a few accessories give plenty of information to make each feline parody easily recognizable- Hermione is happily ensconced with a book, and Harry sports a Gryffyndor scarf with his cute glasses. Ron, meanwhile, has caught a mouse- the kind of moment that immediately leads the viewer to imagine what else these cats might get up to. Cats with magic? Sounds amazing! And Hogwarts here is sized to be a cat tower for these curious pets, each perched among the towers and turrets looking for trouble. Qwertee has even made this a rare back print shirt, with the logo as a front pocket-area print.

Pampling has multiple prizes available. XPress Prize winners earn 1 euro for each product sold in the presale and XPress sale (with a guaranteed minimum of 500 euros). Shot Prize winners earn 1 euro per product sold (with a guaranteed minimum of 200 euros). Classic Prize winners get 300 euros. All designers are also potentially eligible for the 1000 euro Designer of the Month Prize (selected by the Pampling team taking into consideration sales success, priority, and participation).

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