12 January 2023 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Kitten Horror Movie

Kitten Horror Movie by Thiago Correa makes cats into famous horror villains, and it’s a really fun and effective concept. I think it works because cats have a certain ferociousness and unpredictability that suits horror, their stubborn and unsympathetic whims kind of do have a whiff of evil about them at times, so exaggerating that characteristic in this way is ripe for humor. The cat portraits are a lot of fun, especially because they’re so varied in how the natural look of the cat is altered- some are given masks, others face paint, and in one scene the claws even make a dramatic appearance. I like that a couple of cats have their names made funnier with puns, though I do think it could have been taken further (Furry Krueger is right there!). Still though, this is one that cat owners with a penchant for scary movies won’t want to miss.

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