20 June 2022 ~ 0 Comments

WAMI Swag’s Vocados

Vocados by seamusthesnake won WAMI Swag’s recent Cotton Brawl design contest, and it’s a great pick. There’s some fun character work going on here, with a bored-looking face on “A Vocado,” mirrored smug expressions for “Even Vocados,” and some very zany faces and shapes creating an strange bunch for the “Odd Vocados.” The use of the avocado pit as a nose in the center of each face works well and its increasingly bizarre contortions in the “Odd” group adds to the humor. I like that the artist included so much cartoony detail in these portraits because it gives them more complex personalities than a more typical, simple kawaii face might. That said, the lines in the piece could use some extra attention- the differing line thickness around the pits and avocado exterior are unnecessary and feel a bit sloppy, using a uniform thickness would increase the quality of the piece. Still, it’s very wearable stuff!

Winners at WAMI Swag will earn a cash prize (amount varies based on contest entered). Any designs sold on WAMI Swag also earn the artist 20% of each sale.

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