25 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise: New This Week

Three new shirts from the La Fraise competition were made available in the store this week. Here’s a look:

The t-shirts are Chimp!, Rockshard Test and Sauvez un Bambou. Of the three, I’d only wear Chimp (there’s something about the satisfied look on his face that appeals to me), but the other two are good as well. My quibble with Rockhard Test is that the guitar is too obvious- I wish it had been at an angle, and that the overall shape of the design had been more of a splatter (like an actual ink blot test) and not the Christmas tree shape it currently is. Sauvez un Bambou is certainly cute (the translated text reads “Save a bamboo, eat a panda”) but I wanted the image to have more to it. If the panda were standing in front of a field of bamboo, that would have improved this for me.

Overall, a nice crop of t-shirts. Well done, La Fraise!

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