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30 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Art Tips from Threadless Artists

Have you ever wanted to know how some of the artists at Threadless create their designs? Look no further. These tips and tricks can help improve your style regardless of which site you are creating work for. This is especially helpful for anyone trying to master the use of halftones.

29 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Eagle vs. Shark Loves Threadless

There’s a new Loves Threadless competition, based around the film Eagle vs. Shark.

The theme is “Finding Love Has Never Been So Awkward,” which seems pretty ripe with possibilities. This competition will be running from June 1st 2007 to July 1st 2007.

29 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

The Firstrade Challenge

Firstrade currently has a t-shirt design competition underway. Designs can have both front and back imagery and can use up to three colors.

This competition runs until 4pm on June 30th 2007. Prizes are available for first (8Gb iPod Nano and 25 shirts), second (1Gb iPod Shuffle and 10 shirts) and third place (1Gb iPod Shuffle and 5 shirts), but all entrants will receive a free shirt for their efforts.

Multiple submissions are acceptable, so get cracking!

28 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless Sale!

As everyone and their mom knows, the Threadless sale starts this Monday. You’ll have to move quickly if you want to snag your favorites.

I’ve got my eye on this little beauty…
Holding Pattern - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

27 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments


I’ve just added another t-shirt competition to the list on the right.

Camiseteria is a Brazilian company (yes, this means the site is in portuguese) with a t-shirt competition that appears to work by the Threadless model where submissions are voted on and some of the highest scorers go on to be printed. There also seem to be some competitions sponsored by other companies (Camiserteria Extra, kind of like Threadless Loves) including one called Typographic Mixtape, which may be the coolest phrase I’ve heard this week.

They’ve definitely put together a great collection of shirts:


Shirts shown are Silencie, Limpeza Geral, Hey Stop and Lar Doce Lar.

Although the site is in portuguese, I had an easy time determining the english translation. I used Babelfish for the trickier bits, and it’s a great site well worth the extra effort.

The prize for being printed is R$350 cash and R$350 in Camiseteria products.

** Update: An english version of the site is planned, I will update this site with more information when it is online.

27 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

The dangers of cross-posting, part 2

Although I just posted recently about cross-posting designs, I came across a great example of why this is such a terrible idea.

This is a really cool shirt (I even singled it out as such recently when I was discussing my disappointment with the Six Cities competition).

But since it is so easily recognizable as a great shirt, it won two competitions at the same time. In the Inspire Brand contest, it won its fight easily. In the Teetonic competition, it was printed. The Inspire entry was made on October 22nd, and the Teetonic submission was made November 2nd (just over a week later).

I’m not sure what the legal ramifications are for the designer in question.

The Inspire legal terms say that “The participant may display or archive the design in a portfolio or personal collection but may not sell or reproduce the design for commercial purposes without written permission from Inspire.” Unless permission was obtained, this is in violation. I doubt that permission was obtained because it still appears on the Inspire web page, but I have no proof of this.

The Teetonic terms and conditions state the following: “By entering the Competition you warrant that no Design or comments submitted by you to Teetonic.com will violate any right of any third party, including but not limited to their copyright, trademark, design right, privacy or other personal or proprietary right(s) whether registered or unregistered and that the Design has not previously been submitted to any other competition.” This is a clear violation of the terms, as the Inspire entry predates the Teetonic entry and thus this design was submitted to another competition before these terms were agreed to.

This whole thing is a messy legal situation if the websites adhere to their terms. I have no interest in maing trouble for anyone, so I haven’t contacted any of the sites involved. I took the step of making a comment in the battle page at Inspire that Teetonic printed the design, which ought to prevent it being printed at both places. But I think my point is pretty clearly illustrated: Read the terms, follow the terms to the letter and protect yourself from legal action.

25 May 2007 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise: New This Week

Three new shirts from the La Fraise competition were made available in the store this week. Here’s a look:

The t-shirts are Chimp!, Rockshard Test and Sauvez un Bambou. Of the three, I’d only wear Chimp (there’s something about the satisfied look on his face that appeals to me), but the other two are good as well. My quibble with Rockhard Test is that the guitar is too obvious- I wish it had been at an angle, and that the overall shape of the design had been more of a splatter (like an actual ink blot test) and not the Christmas tree shape it currently is. Sauvez un Bambou is certainly cute (the translated text reads “Save a bamboo, eat a panda”) but I wanted the image to have more to it. If the panda were standing in front of a field of bamboo, that would have improved this for me.

Overall, a nice crop of t-shirts. Well done, La Fraise!