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26 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Uneetee Free Shipping Week


Until September 30th, 2007, daily t-shirt site Uneetee will be offering free shipping on all the shirts in the Uneetee collection. There are definitely some gems to be had, such as Edno Jr.’s Dream of the Flying Geisha and Loy’s Traffic Jam.

US and Canadian customers get free shipping, and international orders will only have to pay half the usual shipping charges. Either way, it’s a pretty good deal- especially since shipping charges at Uneetee are typically pretty high.

While you’re at Uneetee, you might want to vote on the September finalists for the $1500 design contest. Or, enter your own work in next month’s competition.

25 September 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Teetonic’s Wet Wet Wet Contest


Teetonic, the on-going Scottish t-shirt design competition, has a new contest. The UK band Wet Wet Wet is releasing their first new material in a decade, and they’ve turned to Teetonic to design them an official tour shirt.

The winner gets tickets to a show, a meeting with the band backstage, a framed t-shirt signed by the band, £100 in teetonic.com vouchers and 5 tees of your design. Even non-winners have a chance at taking home something for their efforts- all entrants are entered in a drawing for £100 of Teetonic shirts.

Submit your work before October 8th, 2007 for a chance to win.

25 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Ferraby Lionheart Loves Threadless


Ferraby Lionheart Loves Threadless. And if you’re like me, you have never heard of this dude. It turns out that he’s a musician with a song titled Small Planet. That song is the theme of this contest, so design your shirts accordingly. I’m a little skeptical on this one- I think the recent Iron & Wine competition proved that a lot of people aren’t actually taking the time to listen to the song, they’re just reading the title. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Anyway, the prize is totally boss: the winner gets a custom Epiphone Les Paul Jr. guitar with their design on it! There’s also a Ferraby Lionheart CD, poster and EP in the mix, plus the customary Threadless prize of $2000 cash and a $500 Threadless gift certificate.

Enter before October 24th, 2007 to be eligible for the prize.

24 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless


This week’s Select, A Tall Tale, is also my favorite of the new shirt batch at Threadless this week. Artist Chris Thornley (Raid71) has crafted a really charming scene that makes expert use of his drawing style. The dashed markings imply motion and transparency on the ghostly creature, volume and light on the cat, texture on the bird and shadow on the ground. Definitely a great piece.


Ping Pong Championships of ’82 by Michael B. Myers, Jr. has a seriously sweet concept- a ping pong pro goes up against the video game Pong paddle. The bright pink and green colors give this one the feeling of a vivid dream, and the shadow work is really nicely done.

Ryan Lin’s Northern Ice Pilot has some really nice line work, it expresses dimension and light perfectly. I especially love the way the clouds are rendered. According to the blogs, there may also be some Final Fantasy references in this one- I can’t verify that, because while I am a huge video game dork I’ve only played Final Fantasy 10 (and… not well).


I usually hate shirts that call out the organs like this. They tend to strike me as obvious, and kind of gross. But Treasure Map by Noor Azman Mohd Zain (Jemae) is a huge exception to what I thought was an iron-clad rule. The organs are abstract enough to be visually pleasing and the treatment of the map feels completely authentic. Even a shirt color that I usually dislike is used here to great effect.

Matheus Lopes Castro’s La Gran Reunion is another shirt that makes me like a shirt color that I never go for. The pinks and warm browns in this design actually manage to make a natural shirt look good. The concept is also a lot of fun: the image shows a reunion of gentlemen, with the stereotypes that they portray graffiti’d over their images.


Eric Pacenta’s Life on Gi’raph Paper is the shirt this week that I’m just not so crazy about. It’s well done, don’t get me wrong, but the whole composition just feels so cutesy. Still, it’s cool to see something that looks so different from the rest of the catalog being printed.

It has now been 273 days since Sink Yourself by Charley Schrader (fat pigeon) finished scoring. It is pretty rare to see a shirt printed after so much time, and I’m really glad that they took another look at this one. My second favorite of the week, there’s a lot to like about this design- some great texture in the sweater and boat, nice character work on the storm cloud, and a touch of humor in the lightning-paddle and the storming speech bubble.


The reprints this week are fun, but my general wish for some color variation for reprints still stands. I just think it would be cool if each printing of a shirt had a distinct look to it. And for slogans the type treatment could easily vary from printing to printing- it might even be cool to assign reprint slogans to alumni and have them work out a new look for the slogan.

Overall, though, it’s a nice bunch of shirts. Two of them are shirts that I’m highly likely to buy, and most of the rest are ones that I’d wear. There’s also a nice variety in style and content.

23 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Allmightys Once Upon a Time: Voting Begins


The Allmightys Once Upon a Time competition has entered voting, which will continue until October 8th, 2007. There are some gems in the running, such as The King Is Dead by YONIL (which is a vintage shirt from an alternate fairy tale dimension) and Vile Stories by Puzon (a great composition of monsters with some nice half-toning).

As with all Allmightys contests, t-shirt designers earn commissions based on the sales of their shirts. Gold winners get 2 euros per shirt, silver gets 1.50 euros, and bronze and special selection designs get 1 euro.

22 September 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Design By Humans: New This Week


This might be my favorite week of shirts so far at Design By Humans. I had three major contenders for my favorite of the week, but in the end I had to go with Rappelling Gang by hagithash. I love the style on these characters, and the addition of the frayed rope embroidery on the back is amazing. Completely charming and totally unique.


danr’s Seed was another favorite of mine this week. It takes two common t-shirt elements (the hand and the tree) and combines them into an iconic image. It’s beautiful, and the strong visuals have a lot of power to them- this shirt could easily be a message about environmental issues as well. Add in the off-kilter blue color palette, and this shirt is a must-buy for me.

Our World by LoftySofty is a cool concept: it depicts children drawing a chalk cityscape on the pavement. The contrast of the styles used on the children and the drawings is very expressive and fun. While I would have preferred a lighter grey shirt like the one this design was submitted with, this still looks pretty awesome.


RecycledWax’s Music is bold and fun. The color palette of pink, blue and white is fresh and suits the artist’s cartooning quite well. There’s also some nice contrast between the drawing and the background, which I think helps to sell the theme even more.

Luchador Mask Rejects by eskimokiss is awesome. Just flat out awesome. Each mask is amusing on its own, and as a group they’re incredible (favorites of mine include Che and the hockey mask). As if the shirt weren’t cool enough already, this thing freaking glows in the dark. AWESOME. Do I even need to say that this was another contender for my favorite this week?

Overall this was a great group of shirts. There’s not a single one that I dislike, which is quick a feat. Also, congratulations are in order for artist iotadial: his shirt Silk Moth Soliloquy was named Design By Humans Shirt of the Week!

Design By Humans is an on-going t-shirt design competition, printing a new shirt every weekday. Prizes are available for Shirt of the Day ($500 cash and $250 credit), Shirt of the Week ($1000 cash) and Shirt of the Month ($1500 cash and $250 credit). Additional bonuses are available to artists whose shirts sell a lot of copies. Designers should bear in mind that DBH offers a selection of printing options including foil, gel and discharge effects.

22 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless Increases Slogan Prize


Slogan writers whose work is printed by Threadless will now earn $200 cash and $100 in store credit. Additionally, reprints will earn writers an extra $100.

Sloganeers have long campaigned for a prize increase, and it’s definitely good to see that Threadless is listening.