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15 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Keydon: Launching Soon, Submit Now


Keydon, a new design competition site, is launching on August 1st. So if you’ve got a great shirt design, this is the perfect time to submit. Keydon is looking for shirts with a trendy/arty style that will appeal to their 15 to 30 year old customer base.

Being printed at Keydon is uniquely profitable- in addition to earning 15% of the total selling price from their shirt (priced at $15 or $18), designers whose work sells the most could earn some very nice prizes. The first shirt to net 500 sales will earn its designer a new laptop, and the first to sell 5000 gets a new car! After launch, those same prizes will become monthly and yearly incentives.

The site is working towards the goal of printing new shirts every week, so this could be a great opportunity to get some of your work printed. And maybe even earn a car!

14 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

If You Threw a Competition and No One Won…


What would happen if you threw a t-shirt design competition and no one won? That’s the situation right now at Inspire Brand.

Inspire has a unique contest format, in which designs battle against each other for supremacy. Submitters can either begin a challenge and wait for someone to accept or they can accept a pre-existing challenge. The goal of these competitions is to find new shirts that would be a good fit for the Inspire Brand store.

The trouble is, despite some 23 battles (and 46 shirts), not one of these has been printed by Inspire. The site, which has been live and accepting designs since October 2006, has stated that they still intend to print “the best ones [submitted], even if they don’t win a contest.”

Do you have a shirt that would be a good fit for Inspire? If the odds of winning haven’t scared you off, you could win $350 if they decide to print. For anyone considering this, I’d advise you to make sure you get everyone you know to vote for your shirt- my suspicion is that a cool shirt that brought new traffic to the site would be a very tempting winner.

14 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Black Wagon and Small Paul T-Shirt Design Contest

Children’s apparel site Black Wagon has teamed up with label Small Paul to create a t-shirt design competition. If you’ve been itching to create some children’s t-shirts with a great Paul Frank-esque style, this is the contest for you. You could be the winner of a $200 Small Paul shopping spree.

Interestingly, the contest bills itself as being open to all ages- according to the Black Wagon blog, “there will be runner-up awards to submissions from school age and pre school age groups.” I’m already excited to see those entries.

Entries are due on October 1st, 2007.

14 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Voters versus Pros: A T-Shirt Competition Showdown

A recent article about Threadless in the New York Times is raising all sorts of questions for loyal voters. According to the article, Threadless is considering a new method of choosing shirts (in addition to the current method)- “letting winning designers select a certain number of shirts to be printed every month, regardless of the voting results.”

While on the surface this may seem like a betrayal of the principles that made Threadless a household name, it may in fact be bringing the site closer to its roots. In the beginning Threadless was primarily well-known to design and art geeks, but as the site has grown there’s been a natural shift to include more and more types of voters. Strategies for scoring well have also evolved to capture that new audience, often leading to a never-ending parade of puns and adorable animals. These shirts aren’t terrible, but they’re awfully safe. By giving shirt creators a different (more design and arts oriented) audience to court, the variety of shirts submitted is sure to increase.

Still, a lot of people have concerns. After all, a winner could select nothing but their own friends, or even stoop to accepting bribes.

I’m optimistic about it (particularly since a lot of my favorite shirt submissions are eliminated on the first day of voting), but it’s definitely going to be interesting to see this new system evolve.

13 July 2007 ~ 2 Comments

One Source Talent’s $1000 T-Shirt Design Contest


One Source Talent, which describes itself as “a consulting service for the fashion and acting communities,” has just begun a t-shirt design contest. The competition, which runs until July 9th 2007, doesn’t have a whole lot of constraints- they’re just looking for something stylish and trendy (though they offer their logo for download, so that probably ought to be on the shirt somewhere).

The prize for the winner is $1000, much higher than businesses usually offer for a one-off contest of this nature. Best of luck to those who choose to enter!

13 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Typographic Style at Camiseteria


Brazilian t-shirt giant Camiseteria has debuted the winners of their “Designer’s Mixtape” typographic challenge. While typically I find type on shirts to be lazily done, these shirts have style to spare. The best shirts (like the two pictured above, Pense and Trompetone) took advantage of the shape and color of their letters to create unique and eye-catching compositions. Ten shirts in total were printed as part of this challenge, and they’re all worth a look.

12 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise and Celio

La Fraise, the European t-shirt design competition community, is joining forces with Celio (a French store selling men’s apparel). This is good news for designers because if their shirt is chosen, they can earn up to 3000 euros.

To learn more about this promotion, called “Le Tremplin des Créateurs” (or “A Springboard for Designers”), check out the La Fraise blog. Designers have until July 20th to enter their work, which should fit the theme of My New Year’s Resolutions 2008.