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22 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless


My favorite shirt at Threadless this week is unquestionably New World Order by Tony Aguero. The robot conquering the city collage is really fresh and the color palette is on point. The design works at several distances, which makes it a great fit for the shirt medium (I like the text that’s visible in closeup, and the overall form looks wicked from far away as well). It’s overcoming the handicap of a cream colored shirt quite well, and I’d consider a buy on this one.


The Gmail Loves Threadless winner was also announced this week: Hello, Dave by Robert Gould. I’ll be honest, this was not a favorite of mine. Since Google is such a computery thing, I would have preferred a winner that went in a less technological direction with the “Connect” theme. Still, the illustration is well done, the color scheme is nice, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-looking shirt with a giant old school computer on it. So if that’s your thing, have at it.


The Future Is Feeling by Neil Doshi is the Select for this week. There’s a lot to like: the front and back of the head are on the front and back of the shirt (awesome!), there are neat textures in the hair (whee!), and it even comes with a free headband (hooray!). But as with some of the other recent Selects, I wish there was more to set it apart from other Threadless shirts. I wish they’d experiment more with printing techniques, stepping up to the new standard set by Design by Humans.

Where the Watermelons Grow by Brian Walline is based on the song Down By the Bay (lyrics are also printed on the shirt). In the interest of full disclosure, I have always hated that song. Perhaps because of that fact, this shirt is not a favorite of mine. The bright, cartoony style of the drawing echoes the theme nicely, though, and people who are fans of that song (everyone in the world except me, apparently) have a cute shirt to call their own.


Good Guys Don’t Glow at Midnight by Ivan Leonardo Vera Pineros uses glow in the dark ink on a group of bad guys, and regular ink on the lone good guy, a fairy. If that sounds like a good concept to you, you are a fan of this shirt. I’m… kind of in the other camp on this one. I don’t really get why only bad guys would glow- to me, a fairy is more prone to glowing than any of the other beings featured. And while I typically enjoy icons, the ones in this design don’t speak to me. Horror fans probably feel differently.

Fall_ing by Christopher Garcia depicts leaves with grasping hands at the ends of their stems, letting go of the branch to fall to the ground. While I didn’t dig this one in voting, seeing it on a shirt improved it for me. I think it works well as a nature shirt with a subtle twist- the hands are only visible up close, so most viewers aren’t privy to the secret.


The first reprint of the week is Foxy by Lixin Wang, and I think it’s a worthy reprint. My usual complaint on reprints is that the color scheme should at least change a bit, but since this design wouldn’t work on any other color it escapes that criticism.

Ditto for Star Men in Moon’s Milk by Christopher Buchholz. A fun concept that’s not quite like any other shirt out there. Clever and gorgeous.

Overall, I’m not too keen on this crop of shirts. While I wouldn’t call any of them poorly done, they’re simply not unique enough to stand out from the t-shirt offerings of other companies. And while that might be fine for those other businesses, I expect more from Threadless because they have access to some of the best t-shirt design talent in the world. Given that fact, they should be able to put out an innovative and high-quality selection of shirts every week. For me, this week was simply not up to par.

21 October 2007 ~ 3 Comments

New This Week at Design By Humans

Some people left comments on previous entries with coupon codes for Design By Humans, so I’ll pass those along: XV8E16 is good for 15% off until October 22nd, and HWC036 is good for 15% off until October 29th. Enjoy!


Squid Count by akoelle is easily one of the more interesting shirts I’ve seen lately. The juxtaposition of the squids with numbers is fun (and a natural fit, given the numerous limbs squids boast) and the artwork itself is expressive and beautiful. This one is seriously testing my “no white shirts” rule.


Bow Master by skulldaggery is kind of a weird one for me. I like the idea of it, and ribbons swirling around other elements is something I tend to find visually appealing. But somehow, this one just leaves me cold. It’s not a reflection on the artist at all- I liked his Rocket Scientist design, and would have preferred to see a print on that one.

statueMan by theunenthusiast stands out from the rest of the shirts offered by DBH, which is always neat. I like the intricacy of the patterns and the main character has a lot of personality. Since this artist’s Robit was my early favorite for the $5000 competition, I’m glad to see him get a print.


tomburns’s We Are All In This Alone was my other favorite this week. It looks great, and there’s some meaning to be had as well. The cards that the characters hold in front of their faces are blank, but reaching. Their blind fumbles come close to the others in the scene, but never quite hit them. They’d have to drop the cards to finally make contact.

Futureshock by hogboy features an excellent use of both the front and back of the shirt. The front carries an image of the futuristic device assembled, and the back has the exploded diagram. The color scheme also raises the level of this design- those shades of blue are really attractive, and have a certain blueprint-y subtext.

Overall, a really nice week. I’m glad to see such artistic work being printed.

21 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Uneetee’s October Top Twenty Finalists


Uneetee has announced their top twenty finalists for October’s $1500 prize, and it’s the best crop of contestants yet. Maybe they’ve finally got enough voters to balance out certain designers’ friends and family.

Of the top twenty, my favorites have got to be I Want Summer by jimmytan and Living Room by kooky love. They’re both gorgeous illustrations that look amazing on a shirt.

The winner of October’s contest will be on sale from November 1st to November 5th, so cast your votes now for the shirts you’d like to buy. And remember, Uneetee is currently accepting submissions for November’s competition.

20 October 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Design Australia’s Official MySpace Shirts


Aussie magazine YEN has teamed up with MySpace to create Australia’s first official MySpace t-shirts, and they need your help. They’re relying on the internet community to come up with shirt ideas, both slogans and graphics (each of those categories will be judged against other entries in its own division). The top five will be printed and sold in General Pants stores.

What’s in it for the winners? Well, exposure on MySpace and in YEN magazine is guaranteed, but the rest is a bit unclear. You’ll get five shirts with your design. And there’s also a mysteriously non-specific prize package from supporters (I guess they haven’t assembled it yet?).

Interested parties should email YEN with their entries before the contest deadline of October 29th, 2007.

20 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s Community Sites

Yes, I just posted about Shirt.Woot two entries ago. But there’s a new community site for Shirt.Woot users that I think merits an immediate mention. Woot user JCBarry has set up a site to track Derby statistics, Shirtstats.com.

This site’s benefits include personal logins and entry tracking, plus a really intuitive (and fast loading!) site design. It also benefits the community by hosting files such as t-shirt templates. More features, such as visitor polls, are planned for the future.

This is the second Derby tracker for the Derby, as Woot member cwarrington has a Derby tracker that has been in use for a few Derbies now. His tracker includes such benefits as entry comments, badges, and stored voting statistics from the last several Derbies.

If this isn’t enough Derby-related fun for you, then head on over to thatrobert’s site, Best Losers, where he takes a look at entries that didn’t win and interviews some of the Derby’s top artists.

18 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Camiseteria and Levis Brazil: T-Shirt Contest


Brazilian t-shirt competition Camiseteria has teamed up with Levi’s Brazil to offer a new t-shirt design contest. The goal is to create a shirt that portrays Levi’s corporate values of originality, tradition and authenticity without using any imagery that directly relates to the company.

Since this is a sponsored contest, the prizes have been stepped up accordingly. First place will nab R$2000 in Levi’s products, $600 cash and $400 in Camiseteria products. Second place is R$1500 at Levi’s, $600 cash and $400 in Camiseteria products. Third gets R$500 for Levi’s, $600 cash and $400 at Camiseteria.

Enter before November 5th, 2007. Keep Babelfish handy for these links, if your Portuguese isn’t that great).

18 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #13: Halloween

Shirt.Woot has announced the theme for this week’s derby and, to the surprise of no one, that theme is Halloween. Start working on your shirt ideas now, because submissions can be entered starting tomorrow at noon (and early shirts have more opportunities to get votes).

Shirt.Woot pays out $250 for any shirt they run that sells 500 copies or less. If you sell more than that, you’ll get $500. And no matter which category your shirt is in, you will get $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales. The top three voted shirts will be printed next weekend.

And remember, experienced artists and designers can submit shirts of any theme directly to Woot (they receive the same compensation as derby winners).