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23 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby: Light

It looks like Shirt.Woot is listening to the community- this week, they’ve announced the theme of their next derby a full day before submissions will be accepted.

Shirt designs must involve the theme Light. Additionally, designs must be printed on either Kelly Green, Royal Blue or Red shirts.

As always, the design with the most votes will be printed, earning the designer $200. The designer will also receive $2 per shirt sold after the initial day of sales (this amount is typically several times the original prize).

23 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Wordans: Rock Your Wear to Win $1500


Wordans is the Canadian answer to both Threadless and Spreadshirt– they use Threadless-style printing techniques and emphasize the site’s design community, but they are like Spreadshirt because each designer has their own online storefront.

The full site is due to launch in late September, but there’s already a contest in progress. In the Rock Your Wear contest, designers can submit their original work for a chance at the $1500 prize. The top ten finalists’ work will be printed on shirts, which they will then pick up from the Wordans office in downtown Montreal where the shirts can be further customized by hand before judging (these post-print effects are optional, but encouraged). The top ten will be chosen on September 18th, 2007, with their designs ready for customization on September 21st. The winner will be chosen on September 26th and rewarded the next day at the Rock Your Wear Gala.

If this sounds good to you, be sure to submit your entry before midnight on September 17th, 2007.

22 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Endangered Wear Launch


Endangered Wear is a site specializing in limited edition clothing, with some print runs as low as 150 items. Although they’re new, they already have some neat designs in stock.

Death Suits Blue is just a flat out good looking tee. The red shirt, by Bizarro artist Dan Piraro, is all that and more- as part of Endangered Wear’s Celebrity/Charity design collection, it both makes a statement on animal rights and aids in the furthering of an important cause (all profits from its sales go to an animal sanctuary).

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that Endangered Wear is interested in printing- they’re also accepting designs from the public. If your submission is accepted, they’ll pay out $150 and five shirts with your design.

21 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

302 Designs: Accepting T-Shirt Design Submissions


302 Designs are a company specializing in “poetic, inspirational apparel.” Their works are usually based on a word or phrase that evokes a personal quality that the wearer wishes to embody. They’re also interested in giving their customers a voice in the t-shirt creation process: customers who earn points through purchases, product photos and site referrals get the chance to collaborate on a shirt in the next collection.

302 are also looking for designers. They’ve set up a design submission page and are promising to notify winners within a week of submission. Printed designers will earn $200.

21 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New This Week at Camiseteria


Two of the shirts added this week at Camiseteria are really fun. RealityGirl has a cool shape and some nice texture effects. USA e Abusa has a harsh message and is a really strong one color illustration with great line work.

And remember, the t-shirt design competition at Camiseteria is on-going. Contest winners receive R$350 cash and R$350 in Camiseteria products when their work is printed.

21 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless


For me, this week wasn’t quite up to Threadless‘s usual standard. But there are still some gems to be had in this new crop of shirts.

Grandma Clock was the surprise of the day, and I mean that as a huge compliment. The subject matter is bizarre- strange, multi-eyed faces sit atop a jumble of stripes, white speech balloon shapes, and… oh yeah, a bunch of yellow boobs. It’s deeply strange, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s no way this would have made it through the voting process. In other words, it’s the perfect Select tee.

The Great Outdoors is a gorgeous and innovative composition by an artist who is still fairly new to the site. A lot of his work has been similar to this, in that a jumble of characters and setting indicators combine in an almost collaged manner. They’ve all been great designs, and while this wasn’t my favorite I’m gad to see one of these in print.

Carnie Nightlife is kind of an interesting case for me, because I love the artwork. The problem I have is that I’m really not crazy about the way it looks on a shirt. Different strokes for different folks and all that, but I think the placement makes the white expanse of the shirt more of a focus than the art.

As for the rest… Butterfly Fish, Quack Attack, Polar Gardening and Make Yourself at Home are all really solid compositions, very much in keeping with the cutesy side of the Threadless aesthetic. They’re not bad shirts by any means, I’d just prefer to see some more innovative stuff being printed. There’s always a time and a place for cuteness and cleverness, but the catalog is starting to feel really over-saturated with it these days.

Thumbs up on the reprints, though. Both Lions Are Smarter Than I Am and the A City Built on Rock n’ Roll Would Be Structurally Unsound are on par with the current level of submission quality, if not a bit higher. Which is exactly the type of reprint I like to see.

20 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Keydon: Store Launch


Keydon, a new t-shirt design competition site, has just launched its store. There are already some really nice shirts available, including Moops in the Clouds and Nuclear Family (both pictured above).

While the voting portion of the site has yet to launch, submissions are being accepted. Keydon has a unique reawards system for designers that includes awarding the creators of best sellers with a car or a laptop (“http://www.keydon.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi?page=contest.htm”>click here to learn more about Keydon’s contests).