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Threadless: Whatever and more new this week

threadless whatever

Whatever by mathiole is my favorite this week and does a great job of capturing the laid back charm of sloths. The art shows the animal hanging from the athletic-style logo Whatever and encircles him with the phrase Do It Later, which positions sloths as nature’s biggest procrastinators, dudes who have truly mastered the ability to relax regardless of circumstances. Light distressing helps the shirt to feel more authentically like a mascot shirt, and there’s even a nice touch in having the sloth literally reach for one of the star flourishes. Inspirational!

threadless holy goatsthreadless mimicry

Holy Goats by andrew gimetzco (r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus) is the winner of the Bad School Mascots contest, and there’s definitely a lot of appeal there. I think part of what makes this one work is that before you read the text, it does feel like it could be a real Catholic school mascot. It has the right style of type, an awkwardly posed animal… and it all unravels beautifully when you take a closer look, seeing that the saint is the devil, there’s a holy ghost pun, and the mascot isn’t a more traditional horse or pegasus, it’s a weird winged goat. Solid work, and the sort of thing I think a lot of former Catholic school kids would be excited to wear.

Mimicry by Frasq (Frasq) is probably one of Threadless’s most subtle tees, using nothing but a splatter of random-looking dots to show a nearly-hidden leopard. Shape, size and density of the spots are the only things that identify the animal in the larger sea of speckles, so there’s been some extremely impressive work done to show not just the leopard, but also a bit of his dimensionality. The only issue I have here is that it may actually be a bit TOO subtle- especially on that heather grey tee, I think new viewer may have a tough time seeing much of anything.

threadless not a pipethreadless surefooted

Not a Pipe by Alex Solis (alexmdc) is Threadless’s second shirt to combine Super Mario and the famous surrealist pipe painting (This Is Not a Pipe was the first), but takes things in a completely new direction. I like that instead of the painting being changed, here the only thing that has changed is how the character reacts to it. It’s a different tactic than most parodies take, which is part of why it feels fresh. I also like the way it pokes fun at Mario, both for his size (I bet Luigi would have fit) and because he expected this to work in the first place (although I suppose it’s only a bit weirder than jumping in the other kind of pipe). Also, the French text leaves you wondering if maybe he would have listened if only someone had thought to translate it into Italian.

Surefooted by rhinosserossy and wowrainbows (rhinosserossy) is the kind of design that just plain makes me smile. The concept of a skateboarding Bigfoot is instantly appealing, in part because it gives those big feet of his a rest, and in part because his natural environment seems so ill-suited for it (which means he must be really, really good?). But what takes things up a notch is the amazing style it’s drawn in, using heavily textured geometric shapes to form the mythical creature. It’s a nifty way to show his fur and gives the the appearance of it pointing in all kinds of directions at once. Retro, rustic and quirky… overall, exactly what you want from a Bigfoot shirt.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn 20% royalties based on net profit (paid monthly) and a $250 Threadless Gift Certificate.

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