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Threadless: I Was an Eagle and more new this week

threadless i was an eagle

I Was an Eagle by Ross Bruggink and Brent Schoepf (rhinosserossy) was an easy pick for my favorite design this week, using simplicity in a truly excellent way to show both a portrait of an eagle and a gorgeous natural landscape. I love the way trees become feathers, a star turns into an eye, and (in a master stroke!) the eagle’s tail is represented by a tipi and campfire. It’s the kind of scene that represents all the best of the outdoors, and the dream of coexisting in that space and being a part of it all. Plus, there are some really neat visual moments, like the overlapping curves of the tipi’s smoke and the irregularly-sized dashes around the arrow- it’s just plain interesting to look at.

threadless here kitty kitty kittythreadless time and creation

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty… by CoryFreeman & chazwik31 (CoryFreeman) takes a totally unique look at outer space, turning it into a crazy place where when your pet astrocat goes missing, it’s time to hire a cowboy bear with a cape to use some shark jetskis and chase after it. Completely nuts, but also very fun to imagine. I think a great strength of the piece is that both animals have such clarity of expression- the cat looks scared and a bit baffled, the bear is all gusto and determination, and even those sharks bore ahead with gaping mouths, eager to swallow whatever comes their way. The action movie orange and teal color palette works well in completing the otherworldly feel.

Time & Creation by Vincent Caduc (weird&co) is the kind of design that would be my favorite most weeks, only barely missing the mark this time due to some especially tough competition. I love how bold and refined it is, making the most of its few elements. The point of the pencil does double-duty as the top of an hourglass, which helps the design to feel like a bit of a metaphor for hard work- to master a tool, all you have to do is put in the time. In addition to the natural way the pencil and hourglass work together, I like the use of the pencil because it is so fundamental to so much- whether you’re into drawing, writing, or even math, odds are that when you started learning you were just putting pen to paper over and over again, slowly getting better.

threadless howlin for a slicethreadless beautiful us

Howlin’ For a Slice by Katie Cantrell (Katie Cantrell) is a shirt that I should theoretically be very into, because I have a great affection for shirts about pizza. What slightly kills this design for me, though, is that the main pizza shown looks absolutely disgusting to me. Now, given the design’s goal of showing a midpoint between moon and pizza, this problem was perhaps inevitable. But I really feel that a smarter move would have been to go 100% pizza and let context and shape be the sole things tying it to the moon. When you wear a pizza shirt, it’s because you think pizza is delicious… so showing something that implies pizza is anything less than that would be a grave betrayal of a most excellent food. Some would say I am taking pizza too seriously, but on the contrary I feel I am taking pizza just seriously enough. That said, the good news is that the pizza slice in the wolf’s mouth looks way, way better and the overall concept is strong enough that this design should have plenty of fans regardless.

Beautiful Us by Aitch (pink.aitch) is a good-looking watercolor design, full of quirky charm. We’ve all seen designs that use nature and skulls together, but what really freshens this one up is the playful way the characters inhabit the art. The tiger isn’t just taking a cat nap, he’s cradling a bone, bookmarking a novel with his tail, and appears to be taking a break from his lunch of wine and apples. The bird isn’t chilling out just anywhere, he’s peering from an eye socket. And of course down by the jaw a strange paw shoots out behind one row of teeth, while a snake plans to make his entrance from the other end. The skull starts to feel like this cool jungle gym, a world unto itself full of life and interesting creatures.

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