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Threadless: New this week

threadless all the bacon and eggs

All the Bacon and Eggs by Lindsey Pyne (Pyne) is the kind of print I love to see, in part because Threadless is just about the only site that prints photography tees of this caliber. It’s very technically impressive, constructing a spot-on likeness of Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson out of his famous meal of bacon and eggs. Somehow, against all odds, those piercing egg white eyes and the bacon mustache perfectly capture the character’s stubborn but endearing expression. Since shaping food into a human face tends to make the food less recognizable as, well, food, the artist smartly included both a plate and fork to give the meal some context for instant identification.

threadless summer chartthreadless the seaty

Summer Chart by Nestor Gomez and Madkobra (soloyo) takes an iconic image of summer, the beach ball, and reinterprets it as a pie chart of summer fun. It’s a perfect fit for the slices of color that the ball is known for, and the percentages called out each point to something distinctive about the season (from fireworks to the beach). Something that helps elevate the concept is the soft shading on the ball, which really makes it look like the ball is reflecting sunlight. My favorite is the way red starts to creep into the yellow sections, emphasizing warmth.

The SEAty by ronin84 (ronin84) is a bit of a goofy pun, but the artwork is gorgeous. There’s something about an underwater city that always gets the imagination going, with visions of whales and other exotic creatures floating past your window. I love the tall buildings, which really create a sense of this being a massive city. But there are some strange moments in the artwork that give me pause. One is the two child figures at the bottom center, who seem to be standing out in the water without any diving suits, helmet, or indication that they’re in a different environment than on land. There are also power lines strung across, which seems like a not great idea underwater? The colorful fish are an odd choice as well, since they’re so different to the way the rest of the art (including a lot of fish) are handled. At first I thought the artist might be using color to identify fish closest to the viewer, but that’s really not the case- some far away fish behind buildings are bright, and some nearby are dark silhouettes. It’s tough to make sense of, and I think some more finesse here could have made the artwork hold up better.

threadless ntnl prksthreadless the ultimate battle

NTNL PRKS by Ross Zietz (arzie13) is my favorite of the designs this week, because it does such an excellent job of channeling the simplicity of a truly great vintage shirt. It’s understated, eschewing vowels and using simple lines to suggest mountain peaks and vast expanses of water. All the things that make parks so irresistible! A blended fabric and some faint distressing complete the look well, making it feel like the kind of classic shirt you’d treasure if you lucked upon it in a thrift shop.

The Ultimate Battle by DinoMike (DinoMike) shows us two dinosaurs engaged in a game of Twister. While the dinosaurs are reasonably well drawn and I like the way their grey tones contrast with the bright colors of the Twister mat, it’s not a concept that ultimately works for me. I feel like for a joke to be really funny, it helps when there’s a grain of truth in it, something to connect elements and bring it all together. This is basically pure absurdity, but done in a realistic style that makes you nitpick it- like noticing that the dinosaurs are already failing the game, because their limbs are on multiple dots, or no dots at all. And the mat’s dots aren’t in the correct rows. And really, this is a game that would fail on the first few spins, because no way could a T-Rex get an arm on any of the dots. It makes so little sense it leaves me feeling like the dinosaur drawing came first and the Twister thing was a late addition- there’s not a great explanation of the way the dinos aren’t using the dots right otherwise. So for me, this one’s a miss.

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