24 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Gorilla Tank Tee Review


Gorilla Tank‘s Superfly shirt is an instant classic, the kind of shirt that looks great and also manages to capture your imagination. Clean lines and some tasteful text combine to make this a must-have for me.

I got Superfly in the mail today and was happy to learn that the quality of the printing is just as good as the quality of the design. The white ink has great coverage- you don’t see the original shirt color poking through, but at the same time it isn’t overly heavy either. And since Gorilla Tank uses American Apparel tees, the shirt quality is on point as well. In person this shade of green is really fresh and spring-like.

Overall, a really nice shirt. The rest of the Gorilla Tank collection is pretty great as well, and right now if you buy two you get the third shirt free! This is a great deal, particularly because Gorilla Tank shirts are limited edition- only 228 copies are printed of each shirt.

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