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Pampling’s BurtOnZ

pampling the burtonz

BurtOnZ by Donnie & Harantula is an intriguing mashup, showing classic Tim Burton characters in the roles of the Wizard of Oz cast. It’s a silly idea, but since the character comparisons are pretty apt it ends up being really successful. Bony Jack Skellington steps in as the Scarecrow, the Corpse Bride becomes Dorothy, Edward Scissorhands is more metal than ever as the Tin Man, and even Beetlejuice gets into the act, his wild hair making him a good fit for the Cowardly Lion. Extra points for including Frankenweenie as Toto! I think there’s a lot of appeal in this because it’s kind of an all-stars lineup of Burton’s movies- you really don’t need to be much of a fan of Oz to dig it (although that helps). That said, it’s not a perfect design- I think a more organic beginning to the road (instead of that harsh sharp line) and some work to either incorporate the title lettering more with the art (or at least make it more interesting) would have raised the illustration’s level even further. Still, this will be a tough one for Tim Burton fans to resist!

Winners at Pampling earn 1200 euros cash and 300 euros in Pampling points.

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    Tim Burton should make fairytale movies like this

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