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Threadless: New this week

threadless ode to the cosmos

Ode to the Cosmos! by Taylor Rose (TaylorRoseArt) show a pixel-style Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson indulging in a fist bump as they celebrate their shared love of science. It works in part because both served as host for the show Cosmos, and thus it feels a bit like a passing of the torch from one great mind to another. The 8bit look is very effective, both conveying a retro, nerdy quality and giving the viewer a moment to imagine a science-y video game starring these guys (which would be amazing!). But I think the sweetest thing about the art is the way it calls to mind Sagan’s star-stuff quote with it’s starry background. Combining that with the way the pair’s fist bump seems to ignite a big bang behind them, this is pretty irresistible for anyone who digs science or astronomy.

threadless dripsthreadless boss cat

Drips by Dan Elijah Fajardo (dandingeroz) was the big winner in the Sublimated Tee contest, which means that this design is beautifully dye sublimation printed and the art’s bright colors shine on all sides of the tee (sleeves included). I’m a sucker for big prints like this, and the artwork is well-made- each line of drips tapers and thickens in a fluid way, and a layer of white speckles over the top increases interest and has an almost glittery effect. The one choice I question is to have the drips on a black background. To me, this feels awkward because it leaves the bottom of the tee looking so much heavier than the top, so I’d have liked to see the same art on a white or other lightly colored background instead. Still, it’s very wearable as-is!

Boss’ Cat by Ben Chen (ben chen) replaces the Godfather’s cat with Garfield, an instantly funny idea. It leaves me imaging a horse’s head in Nermal’s bed, or Garfield attempting to put a hit on Mondays. Any time you mix something serious and gritty with something ridiculous and cartoony, it’s going to get a laugh. And the skill of the artwork, which nails both the realistic look of the movie character and the fat curves of the comic cat, helps make the design as fun to look at as it is to think about. Good stuff.

threadless lines mutationthreadless acoustic radiograph

Lines Mutation by Gregoire Poget (tetsoo) is similar to another Threadless design (The Sailor and the Serpent) in that both pieces use tight stripes to reveal a shape underneath the center of the chest. But while in Sailor the sharpness of the lines is key, Lines Mutation takes a hand drawn, doodled approach. That loose style is great for conveying the chaos of the drips and ripples. Definitely a fun one!

Acoustic Radiograph by Victor Calahan (v.calahan) is so metal it reminds me of the game Brutal Legend- I mean, what could be more hardcore than a guitar literally made of bones? There’s also an interesting implication that this guitar might be a living creature, which I think is something musicians will really respond to. I’m not 100% sure that the radiograph-guitar connection works, just in that I think the word most people would think of is x-ray rather than radiograph, but regardless of the title the style does help to make the concept feel more sophisticated than plain white bones would have.

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