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Threadless: New this week

threadless the end of time travel

With both The Big Lebowski and limited edition summer tees making their debut this week, there was definitely a wealth of art to choose from. But the design that most captured my attention was The End of Time Travel by Ben Chen (ben chen). While the idea of a time traveller being eaten by dinosaurs isn’t exactly a new concept, the detail and smooth style of this rendition still make it stand out in a big way. It’s hard not to laugh at poor Marty’s misfortune, and he was a great choice to use as the time traveller both because his outfit and vehicle are so iconic and because the Back to the Future trilogy was so much about how small changes in the past can affect the future. That means that one glance at this image is likely to make viewers wonder what it could mean for Doc, Biff, and the rest back home. Also, look at how great that background is- from strange plants to a pterodactyl, it suggests a lush and exciting jungle environment without distracting from the foreground. Awesome work!

threadless fast deadly and very usefulthreadless let it zom be

Fast, Deadly, and Very Useful by Eduardo San Gil Rodriguez (Graja) is the kind of design I love, one that takes an every day object and forever changes the way you see it. We’ve all seen those butcher charts that map out the location of each cut of meat, but in this piece the artist tells us a just-so story about how that image came to be. Clearly, a lone ninja ran really fast at the cow and cut his way through it with precise strikes! The idea that this could all happen in an instant gives you a new appreciation for ninjas (who knew this was a potential occupation for them?) and odds are the memory of it will make you smile the next time you see this type of chart in the wild. It’s smart, sophisticated, and absolutely hilarious.

LET IT ZOM(BE) by Vo Maria (vo maria) re-imagines the classic Beatles album, but with zombies. Altering an image this iconic in this way would be pretty funny no matter what, but there’s something really special about using the Beatles in particular. With their continuing massive popularity, I feel like this is an undead reunion tour that most people would love to see actually happen. And since they tried so many styles in their run as a band, it’s neat to think about what death might bring out of them on a new album.

threadless forest firethreadless the dude

Forest Fire by HybridVigour (HybridVigour) is a beautiful and understated piece, replacing the flame of a lighter with a brightly colored autumn leaf. It’s a great connection, giving the orange-red tones of the leaf a new meaning and putting emphasis on just how fragile that leaf is. Soft textures make the lighter feel solid and oft-used, and allow for subtle shifts in the shades of the leaf. This one is both fun to look at and interesting to think about.

The Dude by alby letoy (alby letoy) is my favorite of Threadless’s new Big Lebowski tees. All those regularly spaced, swirling lines are almost hypnotic, pulling you in and directing your eyes to the sunglasses and bowling pin combo. The best detail is the way the stripe on the bowling pin also serves as the nosepiece of the glasses, and then on top of that matches the spacing of the other lines in the design. The only element I’m not totally sold on is the DUDE lettering. While it’s certainly in the style of the rest of the art, I feel like it takes an otherwise understated, stylish design and makes it hit-you-over-the-head obvious. Still wearable, but less sophisticated than it could have been.

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