18 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise’s Thanks Santa

la fraise thanks santa

Thanks Santa by MrWayne is definitely an impressive print. It just sets up such a great story- this massive, majestic machine posed among trees and looming mountains, already seeming to dominate them all. A reddish tinge to the natural surroundings makes it all seem a bit foreboding, like this robot could destroy all he sees without a second thought. But what really makes this design special is the small figure lurking at the bottom of the art. A small child, armed with a massive remote control. Yup, this epic mech is being controlled by a little kid. Anyone who looks at this design won’t be able to help themselves from imagining what they’d have done if their younger self had a turn at the controls, which is a huge burst of appeal. Very fun!

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