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WeLoveFine’s Portal winners

we love fine the cake is a fabricationwe love fine there is no escape

Before I dive into specifics, I want to talk briefly about one thing that both of these WeLoveFine Portal winners do extremely well. I mean, look at those colors! Both artists really packed in the colors, gradients and shading in ways that capitalize on WeLoveFine’s DTG printing method. It’d be extremely tough to screenprint either, and taking advantage of the benefits of DTG helps these WeLoveFine prints to stand out from the parodies you might see on other sites.

The Cake is a Fabrication by Brian Kesinger won the whole shebang, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to being well-crafted, it plays right into WeLoveFine’s affection for all things steampunk. What’s most appealing about the concept to me, though, is the alternate reality feel of it- seeing that retro gear and the octopus makes me imagine the whole game being played that way. Any time art sparks the imagination like that, I’m a huge fan. Hey Valve, how about fleshing this out into a game of its own?

There is No Escape by Ewelina Mroczkowska was a runner-up in the contest. It’s impressive to me how it really uses the full printing area of the shirt, but uses sharp angles to camouflage the rectangular shape of the art. That helps it to feel really alive, like these pieces are active and moving as we watch. There’s also some fun innovation in having Chell emerge from the companion cube, a cool moment that changes how the cube will feel to you in future plays.

You can see all the winning designs at WeLoveFine.

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    How can I buy the “The Cake is a Fabrication” shirt? I really want to buy one.

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