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Threadless: New this week

threadless nuclear garden

Nuclear Garden by Ronnie Tres Reyes (tatjari16) makes an amazing first impression, which made it an easy pick for my favorite of the week. I’m a sucker for large, colorful prints and this piece uses sublimation printing to deliver exactly that. Collaging of styles (from the vintage print look of the suited man to the watercolor clouds of the explosion)  is extremely effective here because it shows an image from the past becoming something new- the blossoming of flowers hints that it might not be all bad (there’s something beautiful here despite the danger), while speeding bombs make the potential for doom crystal clear. It’s chaotic and interesting stuff, and fills the shirt oh-so-well.

threadless your bearthreadless science vs fantasy

Your Bear by GM studio’s (Giacomo_Marangon) uses a really rad art style, and one that I’m not sure I’ve seen before in t-shirts. It’s geometric, but uses a regular, gridded thickness to its shapes that somehow feels meaty and elegant at once. The style’s a great fit for the bear because it lends him a muscular intensity instead of focusing on his fur, as most animal illustrations do. Soft color shifts show shadow and dimension, completing the look. I’d love to see more in this vein.

Science vs Fantasy by Alex Solis (alexmdc) leaves epic tales from the future and from fantasy to battle it out. There’s a frantic quality to the illustration that I think works well, with layers of crosshatching that communicates both motion and wear. But I do have a quibble- would the science vs fantasy idea really read clearly without the title? I think the use of a sword for the robot’s arm was a misstep, in that a gun, rotating saw or laser weapon would have been more in contrast to the other half’s fantasy. My concern is that at a glance, this piece might feel more like a knight taking on a unicorn than a robot fighting a fantasy creature.

threadless exceed expectationsthreadless share in an adventure

Exceed Expectations by KhoiAD (khoiad) is pretty unexpected for a Threadless shirt because it’s so sketchy and minimal- with it’s huge swoop of an egg and tiny chicken, you have to get pretty close up before you read the text and figure out what’s going on here. But once you’ve read the small print, it all becomes clear- this little hen has laid a seriously massive egg, going way above and beyond what was thought to be possible. It’s the kind of message that has instant appeal, and I think the simplicity of the art actually magnifies the humor. Since the art isn’t, er, exceeding expectations, viewers are free to focus more purely on the meaning than the decoration. It works.

Share in an Adventure by Taylor Rose (TaylorRoseArt) probably has special resonance for folks who are fans of Lord of the Rings, but I have to say that even as a non-fan… this design makes me want to go on the adventure. You don’t really have to know anything about hobbit lore to think that round house looks nice and cozy, especially with the curl of smoke rising from the chimney. But the wizard outside and adventure game styling make it clear that this cottage is just the first wonderful thing you’ll see in your journey, and with a start like this there’s bound to be something even more amazing just around the corner. So I’m a big fan of this shirt and it’s beautiful pixel art!

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