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Design By Humans: New this week

design by humans flashlightdesign by humans hunter deer

Flashlight by pinkstorm arms a ninja with a lightsaber. It’s one of those things that looks pretty cool- I love the way the red glow picks up the folds in his black uniform- but makes very little sense. I mean, the point of a ninja is to be stealthy and hidden, while the point of a lightsaber is to basically be flashy and noticeable. They’re opposite in a way that the art and concept doesn’t seem to acknowledge or attempt to resolve. There’s also another issue in the artwork itself- how exactly is the ninja holding the lightsaber? His hand position is bizarre, and I can’t tell what is meant to be going on. All in all, this is a design the looks better at first glance than it does after a closer look.

Hunter Deer by Eyesore427 is my favorite design this week. It’s a really fun idea, putting a typical prey animal in the position of being a mighty hunter. There’s appeal in seeing the tables turned, and the deer seems especially formidable since he has so few advantages in a hunt. The choice of a tiger as the slain predator is a great choice, since it’s very quickly recognizable, allows the art to maintain it’s orange-y palette, and doesn’t involve any physical features (like a lion’s mane) that could obscure the deer’s antlers. Facial expressions really nail the humor- it’s neat to see the deer’s steely confidence paired with the “OMG how did this even happen” shock of the tiger’s wide eyes.

design by humans the future is brightdesign by humans falling in reverse

The Future is Bright by wotto does a great job of revitalizing the skull shirt. The skull sports a thick complement of classic tattoos in grey tones (I especially enjoyed the ALIVE lettering on the forehead), and his personality is further enforced with a dapper mustache, cynical eyebrows, a pirate-like eye patch, and even a tiny hat. He’s clearly a shady character- his hat’s VILLAIN text says as much!- but the doodled drips and swooshes of color keep things fun and light. He might be a bad guy, but he’d be cool to hang out with.

Falling in Reverse by Studio8Worx definitely has a lot going on. Hands grasp a rough triangle that contains a falling man. Below the triangle’s bottom corner he falls even further, colliding with the trunk of an upside down tree. The top of the triangle tells another story, with a skyline of oil machinery covering it corner to corner. So what exactly is going on here? Are we watching technology fail, leaving only the remnants of the environment to form a safety net? Who do the hands belong to, and what do they symbolize? For me the pieces don’t quite come together to form anything coherent, although I do like the roughness of the art. It speaks of passion, speed, and aggression, and has a cool graffiti-like flair that makes me want to keep looking.

Winners at Design By Humans earn $1000 and six shirts of their victorious design.

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