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Threadless: New this week

threadless let's go on an adventure

Let’s Go On An Adventure by Philip Tseng (pilihp) is my favorite design this week, using a crisp and clean illustration style to create the character of a cheerful warrior 20-sided die. It has an Adventure Time kind of vibe because of the theme and the simple face, which only adds to its charms. There’s even some nice detail work, like in the chip of the sword blade and dimension of the shield. All in all, a really appealing design that captures what’s great about RPGs, both in the elements shown (pencils and die) and in the spirit of adventure and imagination it conveys. But what’s going on with the design preview image? Surely a grey tone that actually comes close to the heather grey shirt color would make more sense and give a better view of how this will actually print.

threadless hammer brothersthreadless godzilla and panda

Hammer Brothers by Louis Roskosch (louisroskosch) genuinely cracks me up because of the way it takes a ridiculous situation and makes it even more ridiculous. It really makes you question stuff you’d otherwise take for granted, like why WERE those turtle brothers throwing hammers of all things, and wow were Hammer’s pants really that silly? And so you’re humming Hammer Time and you’re suddenly itching for some side scrolling arcade action. It’s a potent mix of nostalgia and pure humor, illustrated with an abundance of charm.

Godzilla and Panda by Neil Leverett (lev man) would be a heckuva buddy comedy, but it’s also a pretty great shirt. You’ve got the abrasive, predatory protagonist in the monster, and his cool, collected sidekick the panda. It reflects well on both that they’d be pals, and it’s nice to think that they go on these rides often enough to have little outfits ready for the occasion. Godzilla’s scarf helps give the illusion of motion. And hey, who doesn’t love a sidecar?  The artwork appears to have a bit of a painted, vintage vibe that also helps create a cool ambiance.

threadless legendary warthreadless black cat magic

Legendary War by Zulfikri Mokoagow (fikri) leaves me craving a closeup, because there looks to be a lot of detail in this design and I can’t be sure I’m getting the full effect of it at the size shown. I’m using the submission image to supplement, but that can be a bit dicey as sometimes changes are made between submission and print. At any rate, it’s a beautiful, active design- you feel the rush of the water, the aggression of the pieces, the force of squares of land rising and falling, and the whistling of wind around the board’s towering heights. It’s chaotic, the kind of image that leaves your eyes darting from one area to the next looking for something new to discover. If chess was actually this exciting, I’d learn to play it! And really, how rare is it for a chess design to appeal even to non-players? Quite an impressive feat.

Black Cat Magic by Victor Calahan (v.calahan) makes me feel like I’m missing a reference. Why exactly is the cat coming out of a bottle? I’m not sure if there’s a beverage company’s name being alluded to, or if the bottle is meant to be an old fashioned milk bottle. At any rate, it’s a connection that doesn’t quite work for me. The artwork, though, is strong. I like the oozy quality of the cat’s shape as it escapes the bottle. Bright eyes, white teeth and the shock of that pink tongue do a good job of pulling in the viewer. It’s an interesting expression as well, sort of fluttering between fear and aggression. That’s a mix that works well because it makes the cat seem even more dangerous and unpredictable, and because you also feel some sympathy for it. After all, it was trapped in a bottle for some reason!

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