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Camiseteria’s Odeio Listras

camiseteria odeio listras

Camiseteria has one of the coolest twists I’ve seen on the striped shirt with Odeio Listras! by luciano. Here the stripes are a massive laser blast, each line cut with light and dark streaks to add interest before finally being halted by a tiny, burly Captain America figure at the bottom who holds back the laser fire with his shield. The hero is a great piece of cartooning, with bulging muscles and a face that grimaces from effort. Dirt piles up behind his back leg, more evidence of the hugeness of the physical feat he’s pulling off here. So smart, and so well made- right down to the little skull speech bubble the Captain can’t help but grunt.

Camiseteria welcomes entries from all over the world, and winners earn R$800 cash and R$500 in Camiseteria products.

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