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La Fraise’s If I Had a Boat

la fraise if i had a boat

If I Had a Boat by MrWayne caught my eye at La Fraise this week. While the basic concept has been seen before, the style stands out from most tees in a big way. It’s heavy on texture, making the art feel like layers of paper cutouts in a 3-d puppet show. You can almost feel the rows of waves gently sliding back and forth as the little painter does his work. It’s reminiscent of the classic film A Trip to the Moon and the Smashing Pumpkins video Tonight, Tonight, emphasizing black and white and strong shadows. Beautiful work with great attention to detail- each object has a texture all it’s own, right down to the newsprint of the paper boat. If this prints even half as well as it looks on screen, it’ll be one heck of a shirt.

Winners at La Fraise earn 1000€ when their work is chosen to print. New designs are chosen weekly.

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    We did do three Oklahoma designs too that we’re brand new and are probably worth a review or mention.

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