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Threadless: New this week

threadless gravity is a lie

Gravity is a Lie by Randyotter (randyotter3000) is my favorite print this week. It’s a brilliantly silly concept, with Newton’s apple not just passively defying gravity, but being outrageously defiant in his pose, expression and exclamation. You know nothing, Science, you’ve been tricked by an apple! The apple flies off into the air like a superhero, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him. Newton, for his part, can only gaze in wonder and confusion. Picture humanity realizing the lie, and like Wiley Coyote, slowly drifting into space now that they know gravity isn’t real…

threadless snitches get stitchesthreadless starry pattern

Snitches Get Stitches by Jordan Horstman (moosabman) exploits the two meanings of the word snitch, transporting the magical nature of Quidditch into the grittier world of street crime. It’s funny because something child-like becomes very serious, and a pretend game suddenly becomes very brutal. Instead of picturing kids in school uniforms riding broomsticks, the imagination summons images of scarred toughs tackling each other with shivs. The sad face (and teardrop!) of the poor snitch highlights the clash of cultures. Nice to see a Harry Potter shirt that the more grown up fans wouldn’t balk at wearing.

Starry Pattern by Fred Hoffman (FHoffman) feels like the sort of garment you might find in a museum store, heavily referencing famous artwork and using a printing technique (all over print, front and back) that feels a bit upscale. It’s appealing for the same reasons Van Gogh paintings are, the motion and interplay of the colors keeps your eye moving and gives the art a sense of depth. What’s great about the pattern, though, is that while it’s a good shirt, it has the potential to be applied in lots of ways for lots of other products. Imagine a jacket with this as the lining, or an umbrella. Maybe a button-up shirt with this pattern as detail. There’s a lot that can be done, and I’m excited to see where Threadless takes it.

threadless never endingthreadless you

Never Ending by Adam Rajcevich (ADD LTD) puts the spotlight on the infinite nature of the universe. I have a theory that there are two types of people when it comes to thinking about the vastness of space- people who find it comforting (“no matter what mistakes I make, they won’t matter in the great scheme of things, and there’s always the possibility of something amazing out there”) and people who find it utterly terrifying (“no matter what good I do, it won’t make a difference and I won’t leave a mark”). Kind of optimist/pessimist, but with astronomy. This design definitely speaks to the second group, but I think it’s appealing to the first group as well. We’re not built to truly contemplate and understand infinity, and the act of trying could easily induce some existential vertigo.

YOU by Jeremy Pettis (Jeremyhead) has a wonderful retro quality to it, especially in the 70s-infused style of the “Beautiful” typeface. And it’s a smart piece as well, working at every level. From far back quirky smily face intrigues, you wonder if the eye is winking. A closer look reveals the text’s message, and diving even deeper rewards you with these funny doodles in blue of strange, unconventional faces. This is the kind of design that is just plain fun to look at, where you notice something new every time you wear it. And the positive (but still very funny) message just makes the piece even more enticing.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners get $2000 cash and $500 in Threadless credit, with the possibility to earn more through Bestee awards, poster prints, and reprints.

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