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Threadless: New this week

threadless in the end the sun rises

In the End the Sun Rises by Budi Satria Kwan (radiomode) is my favorite of this week’s new Threadless prints. It feels so poetic to me, showing both the cool depth of water and the peaks of a mountain, close to the sun, in the same moment. The huge red circle starts to seem like just another bubble floating to the surface, somehow warmer and more vibrant than the rest. It conveys a sense of vastness and exploration. And up in those peaks, a single deer’s silhouette sits, with the animal appearing to stare off into the horizon. Looking at this makes you want to be that animal, or at least to know more about his journey. Beautiful work. The print, though, does have so much empty space at the bottom that I wish the proportions of the artwork were a bit longer.

threadless the snail's daydreamthreadless super

The Snail’s Daydream by Eric Fan (opifan64) impresses with some crazy good illustration. The snail feels perfectly real, even curious in the way it’s head and antenna extend. The Russian architecture extending from its shell is similarly exquisite, packed with detail and bathed in light and shadows. Misty clouds float through, further delighting in playing with scale- there’s a real question for the viewer about whether the snail is very large or the cathedral is extremely small. Personally, I like the small buildings idea a bit better, so the small-ish print size on the shirt really works for me.

Super! by Dusty Rabjohn (drabjohn) won the East Meets West contest, and it’s easy to see why. Seeing Superman’s usually chiseled, masculine good looks altered to include the huge, shiny eyes of a manga character is equal parts startling and hilarious. Suddenly he looks less like a man and more like an innocent little boy, eager to please. And strangely, he looks more alien than ever. It’s an interesting mix, and one that seems to question what qualities really make a hero.

threadless astrothreadless against the moon

Astro by Justin Hauser (_jhauser) might not be my favorite shirt with a female astronaut in her helmet (that honor goes to enclothe’s Shattered Space), but it’s definitely a great addition to the space tee genre. What really captures my attention about this one is the illustrative style, the way shapes break down into masses of doodled strands. It feels alive, like something is creeping out of the darkness and taking over. Not necessarily an alien with bad intentions, it could also be a feeling emerging. There’s a sense that one way or another, this astronaut is being changed by the experience. It’s a cool vibe, and makes me eager to see what she’s looking at- is this a first contact with an alien race, a realization of the scale of Earth against the universe, or a disaster in progress?

Against the Moon by Diego Machuca (diegomachucabr) is another print from the East Meets West contest, playing with the “other side of the world” idea by showing Japanese silhouettes flipped upside down from American silhouettes. It’s a neat concept, both using amalgamations of famous monuments rather than realistic skylines. I like this approach since it lets each scene encompass more of what makes the country unique than just what one specific city has to offer. Some of the specific choices, though, don’t quite work for me- the only human figure in the US bit is the Statue of Liberty, while Japan appears to include a samurai (unless that’s a statue I’m unfamiliar with). Similarly, Japan’s scene has a lot of nature included, while the US’s lacks it (with the exception of the eagle). I’d personally have preferred examples that worked as more of a direct comparison between the two places.

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