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Design By Humans: New this week

design by humans cool and wilddesign by humans owl dj

Cool & Wild by dzeri29 makes the leap from DBH Collective to the DBH catalog this week. It comes right on the heels of the site’s Bright Futures neon art contest, and would have fit right in as one of those winners. There’s a lot to like about this one even beyond the color palette, particularly the great render of the cat’s head. It feels very authentically feline and furry, particularly in the mouth (the ear is less successful, but still works reasonably well). Accessories (ear ring and tongue ring included) work with the aggressive pose to give the cat some personality. I feel like there might even be a bit of sly humor in the use of the houndstooth pattern. Overall, a very complete package.

Owl DJ by Exclusive-Ape is my favorite design this week, giving the nocturnal animal a fun musical twist. His large eyes become spilling records, cords fill in for tufts of feather, and wings are tucked over a pair of mirrored keyboards. It’s quirky, fun, and beautiful, in the same way so much good music is. The artist previously tackled a similar technique in his Skull DJ design, but the owl’s bright colors and personality make this rendition even more successful. It’s the kind of piece you just want to keep looking at to find new things.

design by humans defender of the deepdesign by humans the blaster plan

Defender of the Deep by sumrow makes the bottom of the ocean a very exciting place, with a squid-owl mutant about to unleash some tentacled terror on a lone diver. With gold emanating from both the creature’s eyes and the treasure chest the diver is opening, there’s an immediate connection between the two for the viewer and the story starts to unfold. The diver is an interloper, an explorer from another sort of world keen on taking away the treasures of the deep. But the squid monster is having none of that, and plans to defend his luxuries with every ounce of his being. Part of what I love about this set up is that viewers are very much put into the role of the diver- you and he both want to explore every inch of this awesome underwater treasure trove, to take in every inch of its strange relics. And at the same time, the monster is just as unique and interesting as the objects he has collected, so you want to know more about him as well. It’s a very cool set up.

The Blaster Plan by jrtoyman has a similar concept to Threadless’s early Rayguns design, collecting a lot of simply outlined sci-fi guns in one place. The innovations in the DBH version, then, are a larger number of blasters and a blueprint style graph paper background. Increased quantity is definitely a step up, and I think the artist does a nice job of showing a range of varieties of blasters- there are differences in size and shape, fatness and even how the barrel ends. The graph paper background, though, is a step down in quality to me because it makes the design feel weaker. It highlights the ways in which the rest of the illustration doesn’t really feel like a blueprint and forces the rectangle shape on the art. Without the background, the guns would have felt more freely placed and I think we’d be spending more time looking at the guns individually rather than seeing them mainly as a group.

Winners at Design By Humans earn $1000 and six shirts of their victorious design.

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