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Threadless: New this week

threadless the eighth wonder

The Eighth Wonder by Jeremy Martinez (mockart) is a fantastic shirt, and easily my favorite of the week. I think it works because King Kong was a fairly surreal concept all on its own- a towering, monstrous ape just climbing around the city. So taking the weirdness of that and heightening it further feels true to the original, because it comes out of the same zany place. I love the idea of combining Kong’s favorite things- the Empire State Building and the world’s biggest banana- into one crazy object. Planes circling the top make it impossible to miss the reference, and Japanese text pops in to add to the foreign, not-what-you’re-expecting vibe. I think the distressing is a really fun touch as well, helping the art to feel like a forgotten advertisement from an alternate universe.

threadless a pixel of my childhoodthreadless the soundtrack of life

A Pixel of My Childhood by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura (Melee_Ninja) was already familiar to me as a former TeeFury print (NEStalgia), but there’s definitely something to be said for the expanded color scheme of this Threadless edition. The neon green in particular hits just the right spot in my memory, making that Gameboy even more enticing than it had been before. Wearing these pixel representations of your video game past is like a series of badges of honor, each one telling the story of many battles waged and won. It’s a good feeling, and the art does a great job of filling up the whole front of the tee.

The Soundtrack of Life by Anthony Aguero (ALIADOTONY) is a ridiculously classy piece, using colored rectangles filled with line, pattern and texture to evoke different types of music. There’s a vintage feeling to it, like an illustration from some long lost seventies textbook. The shapes convey an infographic sort of depth, ensuring that you’ll take a minute to read the fine print. All in all a very classic feeling design, and one that stands out well in the catalog. But with that being said, I think the blue circles are the one pattern in this that feels out of place- the others are all a bit smaller and tighter, making the blue circles a slightly weird focal point.

threadless unluckythreadless two sides

Unlucky by Jose Rodriguez (chicharomagico) twists Maneki-Neko imagery by showing a cat who has had an extremely tough go of it. With his bandaged arm and neck, luck is definitely something he hasn’t seen very much of lately. To me, the most successful moment of the art is the cat’s eyes- they seem to dart to the side, both directing attention to his cast and giving off an unmistakeable “I am a fraud, has anyone noticed yet?” air. But what doesn’t work for me is the first aid bit, that white object he’s holding on to. I genuinely can’t tell what it is, and that takes me out of the moment. The shape is clearly wrong for a first aid kit, and the red cross symbol seems like it wouldn’t be printed at that angle on any kind of object. Is it meant to be a tablet, as I think it is in a traditional lucky cat? I’m not sure.

Two Sides by Rene Gruijs (selfish presley) won Threadless’s Robert Louis Stevenson Museum challenge. It highlights the conflict between Jekyll and Hyde by overlapping them like a venn diagram, which is a smart move because it shows their differing intentions (in that each faces a different way) while making it clear that they still have quite a bit in common. There’s some nice attention to detail in that Hyde’s edges are sharp and torn while Jekyll’s every border is done in smooth curves. But as a commenter on Threadless brought up, if you’re doing a design about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde… why wouldn’t you show them in the design in the same order that they’re listed in the title? Especially since their Mr and Dr title are written right on the shirt, it seems like an odd choice to run them in reverse order.

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