26 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise’s It’s a Long Way Home

It’s a Long Way Home by Anna-Maria Jung caught my eye at La Fraise, a lovely burst of purple. Shadows frame the piece out- a forest of tree branches, populated by animals that are halfway between cats and monkeys, and in the center of it all a lone, female explorer, gazing down on the strange foreign city that is her destination. It’s one of those pieces that seems to be just telling you the beginning of a story, but it’s one so appealing that it leaves me wishing there was an animated movie to tell me the rest. What are those creatures, are they friends or foes? Is the city a beacon of hope and dreams or a den for villains? And why is this young girl adventuring in the first place? It’s a neat setting, and beautifully shaded in pastel colors. I want to go there.

Winners at La Fraise earn 1000€ when their work is chosen to print. New designs are chosen weekly.

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