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Threadless: New this week

This is Mine by Leardwiwut Ausub (forgotten) might just be my new favorite Threadless hoodie, besting the classic Wishbone. I love the way the zip’s action becomes a part of the design, letting the pair of monsters literally rip a building in two. Because the wearer pulls the zip, he or she becomes complicit in the action- a third monster hard at work destroying the city. And that’s a really cool thing, the way that you become part of the story. Not just any part, either, the Decider, the most powerful monster, without whom the city remains intact. I think the way the wearer gets involved in the narrative makes this the most fun hoodie design yet.

The Two Sides of Scott Howard by Andy Wilhite (Leroy_Hornblower) is another hoodie with a clever use of the zipper, this time using that divide to separate man from werewolf. It’s a brilliant concept, and the cute simplicity of the art makes you immediately relate to both halves. I especially like the way the basketball and uniforms create a strong connection to scenes in the movie, which makes you reminisce about great moments like the wolfman slam dunk. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a fly in the ointment- presumably due to the printing requirements, there’s a HUGE gap between the halves. It looks like at least an inch, which makes it feel more like a hoodie about dismemberment than about one guy with two sides. If there was less of a gap, it’d be a much stronger garment.

Ages by Fernando Degrossi (fdegrossi) imagines the zipper as a time travel device, with one side showing a living dinosaur and the other displaying his skeleton in a museum. It’s a conceit that really works for me, because it feels like a meditation on timelessness and beauty. There’s a wonderful flow to the brontosaurus’s shape, curving in and out of time in a backwards “S” shape the keeps the eye exploring. The two sides are opposite in many ways- one in dark ink with the other in light, one with the wildness of trees while the other features civilized columns- but that one central animal keeps the concept locked tight and interesting. It’d be a great tee, and the ability to physically separate the eras just makes it even more interesting.

Fall Effect by R.Gegen Noviara (digital orgasm) finds a way to make the lightning bolt fresh again. Here, it’s a symbol of action- all fast and devastating, thrusting right through the body of its hapless human victim. It’s bold and strong, a comic book look at the intersection of human and energy. I like the way it highlights how rarely you see lightning bolts for what they really are, a force rather than a shape, and that bright punch of orange definitely grabs the eye.

The Chipper Widget by Matt Lyon (C86) is pretty much the ideal winner of the It’s a Small World contest, distilling the sweetness and flavor of the famous Disney ride into a festival of color, music, shapes and moments tinged with the spirit of Mary Blair. It’s a bit like looking at the world through a prism, with rainbows and warmth reflecting on all that you survey. I love the way it seems to show an ideal world, where everything is beautiful and happy people work together to create a machine that makes music for them all. It’s the kind of shirt I want to jump into and play around with, there’s such a strong inviting quality to it.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners get $2000 cash and $500 in Threadless credit, with the possibility to earn more through Bestee awards, poster prints, and reprints. Artists printed through the Labs DTG program receive 10% of sales for the week their design is sold, and are allowed to keep the full rights to their design work.

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