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Shirt.Woot Derby #67: Video Games Through Art History

This week’s derby at Shirt.Woot has the theme Video Games Through Art History. Here’s the official summary:

In our perusal of the world’s artistic wealth, we notice a distinct lack of a certain subject matter that interests us and our associates greatly: video games. Oh, sure, they “weren’t invented yet” or whatever, but aren’t artists supposed to be visionaries? So it’s up to you to correct their oversight by rendering video-game subject matter in the historical art style of your choosing. We’re not necessarily looking for parodies of specific works as much as entire schools. From Impressionism to Greek sculpture, from cave paintings to Futurism, from Pop Art to Baroque, show us a masterpiece from the video-game world.

Include the art style in your title. “(shirt title) in the style of Giacometti” or “(shirt title) in a Cubist style” are examples of what we mean. Stay away from copyright infringement. This is tricky, but 1986: The Legend Was Born is a good example of how you can suggest specific video games without getting us sued. The key is, don’t just cut & paste – reinterpret.

Some text is allowed if it is essential to the style you’re parodying. For instance, if you’re doing a Dali melted-watch thing, or a Toulouse-Lautrec poster, or a medieval tapestry. But no slogan shirts, no speech bubbles (sorry, Pop Art fans), no captions, and no shirts where the main concept hinges on the text. Yes, this is subjective. We will be enforcing this one strictly. If you’re at all confused about this, just don’t use text.

The derby opens to submissions at noon on Friday, with submissions continuing until Wednesday at noon. Voting is on-going from Friday at noon until Thursday at noon. Three winners will be printed the following weekend (as chosen by site members), with the printed designers earning $1000 for the first night of sales and a potential $2 per shirt sold on any sales after that date.

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