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Threadless: New this week

Geek Chic by Megan Lara (Meganlara) stands out to me as the best of the week. By updating the famous Louis Vuitton pattern with nerdy symbols, it manages to make a clear statement about the value of these things and to look cool at the same time. Something I really appreciate is the range of icons- pop culture nerdery gets its shout outs in a comic speech bubble and game button, but more intellectual pursuits have their time as well through a pi symbol and nuclear emblem. Threadless’s choice to use metallic ink helps cement the tee’s place as a fun aping of high end fashion.

Do Shit That Matters by Georgia Hill is interesting in that it didn’t come out of the site’s contest- it was sourced from a promotion Threadless did with COMMON. I don’t remember hearing about it when it happened, but it looks like it was a pretty nice success based on the quality of this tee. Here’s what I like- the crudeness of the phrase is balanced with the careful extravagance of the type style. The geometric swirls and twisty pink ribbon do a nice job of helping to move the eye around the piece, and the choice to fill the letters with a sketched texture is both smart from the perspective of working with a limited palette and a cool move in terms of furthering the play between rough and refined.

Jellyfish Can’t Carry a Tune by Mitch Ansara (spacesick) works on two levels. One is the pun, which has a jellyfish literally attempting to carry a tune. The second is the visual gag, using the jellyfish’s long legs to approximate a music scroll that slowly unravels. Top it off with the pared-down, cute illustration style and you’ve got a surprisingly humor-packed shirt that’s wearable for all ages. There’s a fun and bright vibe present that is just plain infectious.

Vote Imperial by Sean Husbands (Winter the artist) takes the world of Star Wars into the modern political sphere with a simple, but perfectly executed logo. Every detail is right on, with the simple geometry and symbols echoing real political symbols (like the Obama campaign stuff) and just hinting enough at the death star to have the viewer make that connection. The Imperialist text’s use of the Star Wars font caps things off well (though my inner perfectionist wonders if there might be a tad too much space between the P and E). I like it as a reflection of the banality of evil. It’s just funny to think of guys like Vader and Palpatine hitting the campaign trail and attempting to appeal to the masses.

Air Geordi by Justin Davis is maybe the ultimate 90s nerd shirt, combining two of the era’s most famous characters. The high flying pose of Michael Jordan, with geeky favorite Geordi La Forge filling his famous shoes. Definitely a funny concept, and made more so by the fact that Geordi is blind. The tweaking of the Star Fleet uniform into something NBA-appropriate is pretty smooth, too. I’d be surprised if many 90s nerds were able to resist the power of its ridiculousness.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners get $2000 cash and $500 in Threadless credit, with the possibility to earn more through Bestee awards, poster prints, and reprints. Artists printed through the Labs DTG program receive 10% of sales for the week their design is sold, and are allowed to keep the full rights to their design work.

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