08 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A Better Tomorrow’s DJ

DJ by aligulec is the latest print at A Better Tomorrow, and might be one of their best ever. I see it as a kind of hipster King Kong, with a huge (but friendly!) otter playing tunes for the whole city, even as helicopters circle to take down the “monster.” It’s a really fun scene, and you instantly root for the otter. He’s just a friendly music lover after all, it’s too bad that other monsters ruined the huge-thing-in-the-city deal for everyone. I’m often disappointed by designs that are tightly contained in rectangles, and to a degree that is an issue here. But the teal circle framing the otter does a lot to save it, as it creates a sense of play between two geometric elements instead of leaving the design to be defined by one. Overall, it’s a great piece!

A Better Tomorrow chooses winners from the shirt designs submitted and voted on by site users. Although the site is in German, designers from all over the world can enter and win. Winners earn 500 euros when printed.

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