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Design By Humans: New this week

The Edge of the World by TangYauHoong is a sequel to his memorable Journey to the City of No Horizon. In that design the sky faded into a winding river, and this time the water disappears into a sharp chasm. Basically, that poor boater can’t catch a break! I think it’s neat the way the designs relate to each other. The gridded wall of the water in this tee feels like a reminder of the skyscrapers of the first design. And the birds this time, tucked away in that dark fade, seem to be flying upside down. It could easily be two angles on the same place. Very slick!

Rebuild the Forest by free_agent08 is my favorite tee this week, in part because the cubed landscape reminds me of my favorite game, Minecraft. It’s also reminiscent of architecture models and the 70s to me in its style, with some nice geometric elements running through the art. This is the way you’d expect a landscaping plan to look through the eyes of a supercomputer, and it’s quite a sight to see. Loving the originality of this perspective.

The White Tiger by expo is kind of a weird one for me, because I find the art to be confusing. When I look at it, I feel like I’m seeing a frostbitten tiger. There appears to be snow and ice accumulating on his whiskers, and his eyes are staring way over his head as though he’s about to pass out. But when I read the artist’s description, it turns out the design is actually based on a constellation. It makes some sense- I think I had interpreted the stars as snowflakes, but it also doesn’t quite communicate that story to me. If this is about stars, what’s all the light blue puffy stuff?

Diver by elninoalden instantly reminded me of Threadless’s Diver No. 12, since both designs feature angled, photographic deep sea helmets paired with stripes of rainbow colors. On the whole, Threadless’s version interests me more because it feels both cleaner and more mysterious. I like the idea behind DBH’s tee, but find the actual execution to be somewhat lacking. I’m not opposed to the cartoony style of the ribbons, I just wish they twisted and moved in a more realistic way. Similarly, I think the layering of colors within the helmet isn’t done in a style that matches either the realism of the photo or the silliness of the ribbon, so it takes me out of the piece. I think this design could have used more revising.

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