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Shirt.Woot Derby #46: Green

Shirt.Woot has picked an interesting theme for their newest derby: Green. It’s a bit unconventional:

Some may call green a secondary color, but it takes a back seat to no hue. Operating between 520 and 570 nanometers on your visual dial, it’s the color of plants, of money, of jealousy, of eco-marketing. From Ireland to Libya, from the Taliban to the Green Berets, green is richly laden with mixed meanings. Pick out one, or two, or more and design a green-themed shirt that will make you lots of money and make everybody else jealous.

Your design must be on a green (or grass) shirt, or include at least one green ink color, in addition to dealing with “green” conceptually.

No text this week.

And let us remind you right now that plain green shirts, shirts dealing with marijuana, or shirts featuring copyrighted material (Green Lantern, Kermit the Frog, The Green Mile, etc.) will be rejected.

The derby begins accepting submissions Friday at noon, continuing until Wednesday at noon. Voting is on-going from Friday at noon until Thursday at noon. Three winners will be printed the following weekend (as chosen by site members), with the printed designers earning $1000 for the first night of sales and a potential $2 per shirt sold on any sales after that date.

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