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Shirt.Woot Derby #45: Imaginational Symbols

Shirt.Woot‘s Imaginational Symbol derby is currently underway. Here are the details, straight from Woot:

There sure are a lot of countries out there. Germany. Prussia. Prussian Germany. The Holy Roman Empire. As a species, we’re really good at staking out our turf. But so is the common songbird. What makes us better than them? Why, our capacity to draw! A crest, a flag, a postmark, a seal, a thing that one could rally behind in a lost cause that was going to get everyone killed. This is your chance to leave a mark on the world. Only make sure the world you’re marking doesn’t already exist.

This week, we want to see an emblem of the nation that’s in your head. We only have a few rules. First of all, No real countries, as bad designs might provoke a war. Secondly, No imaginary countries that someone else created. We saw what happened to Peter Jackson regarding the Balrog and we just don’t want to get involved. We are applying this rule broadly to all places from myth and legend, be they Atlantis, Brigadoon, The Kingdom Of Prester John or Narnia. If you were C.S. Lewis, we’d let you use Narnia, but we know for a fact he’s dead, so we better not catch any of you trying it. Invent your own imaginary friends.

Also, keep one eye on the shirts we have already printed, like Geek Crest. We don’t want reruns. Try not to be too similar. Remember, your world has a very different history than ours!

And this time, no all-text shirts. A motto or something is fine, but imaginary people don’t rally around a sentence. Especially your imaginary people. Why don’t you put a little cash into the imaginary school system or something? Jeez.

The derby begins accepting submissions Friday at noon, continuing until Wednesday at noon. Voting is on-going from Friday at noon until Thursday at noon. Three winners will be printed the following weekend (as chosen by site members), with the printed designers earning $1000 for the first night of sales and a potential $2 per shirt sold on any sales after that date.

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