01 August 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Tee Project’s Key to my Soul

I’m really impressed with Tee Project‘s latest print, Key to my Soul by Monkey Mouth. It’s notoriously difficult for smaller and newer contest sites to get designs of the same caliber as the industry leaders (like Threadless and Design By Humans), but this design is easily at that high a skill level. The choices of animals and objects are both unusual and creepy… but also really appealing. There’s a sense that some mystery or secret lurks in there, and if you stare long enough you might unlock it. For a real treat, check out the closer view of the art over at Mintees– this thing is dripping with detail, and every inch of it received the same emphasis on quality. The end result is a piece that feels hyperreal, like the kind of dream so vivid that you question reality when you wake up.

Winners at Tee Project earn $500 AUD (about US $523) .


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    Appreciate the kind words on the winning design

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