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Shirt.Woot Derby #41: Alphabet; Civilization Sponsored Derby Announced

Shirt.Woot has been pretty busy. This week, they’ve begun a new derby, with the theme Alphabet and the restriction that each letter must be used… and used exactly once.

This derby opens to submissions Friday at noon, with submissions closing at noon on Wednesday. Voting is on-going from Friday at noon to Thursday at noon. The top three entries, as voted on by Shirt.Woot members, will be printed the following weekend. Each printed designer earns $1000 for the first night of sales and an additional $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales.

Shirt.Woot also posted an announcement about next week’s derby: they’ve partnered with 2K Games to create a derby based on the game Civilization Revolution. The derby’s theme will be Join the Revolution- and though the contest is sponsored by Civilization, direct references to the game (in the form of logos or artwork) are strictly forbidden.

This derby won’t open to submissions until next Friday (May 9th) at noon, which gives potential entrants some extra time to finesse their designs. Because this is a special sponsored derby, the prizes are different than usual. First place will receive a whopping $2000 (plus possible commissions), a 360 Elite, a year of Xbox Live, a copy of Civilization Revolution for the 360, a Civilization Revolution themed Faceplate for the 360, and a poster signed by the team. Second place will win $1500 (plus possible commissions), a 360 faceplate, a copy of Civilization Revolution for the 360, and a poster signed by the team. Third place gets $1000 (plus possible commissions), a copy of the game for the 360, and a signed poster.

Very interesting to see Shirt.Woot entering into the sponsored contest arena- could this be the event that makes more artists see them as a contest venue on par with Threadless and Design By Humans?

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