04 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

La Fraise’s Symphony for a Mermaid

So, how beautiful is Symphony for a Mermaid by MrWayne? While I like a lot of the work that La Fraise puts out, this one is so classically attractive that it kind of took me aback. I’m drawn to the way it exploits the simple circle to help tell the story, framing an antique globe with a rush of waves to imply travel and a distant, mysterious place that could be anywhere. Deep shadows create layers for a paper cut-out look like an old-fashioned puppet show. It’s gorgeously done, and with a really fun narrative. I love the idea of a lonely sailor using music to find a companion in the empty ocean. It’s also a nice tweaking of the siren myth, with the sailor doing the luring this time.

Winners at La Fraise earn 1000€ when their work is chosen to print. New designs are chosen weekly.

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