14 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Scopial’s Flaming Fox

Flaming Fox by Edison Zhou is a recent print at Scopial that really caught my eye. It’s a unique look at an animal that somehow (despite being good-looking and imbued with the human quality of slyness) hasn’t gotten a lot of play in more artistic shirts. Here, the viewer is placed above the fox, and he appears to be stalking his way through the snow trailing his familiar bushy tail behind him. Except it’s not a tail, it’s a huge explosion of billowing smoke and flame. Rather than giving the impression that the animal might be on fire, it’s clear that he’s actually MADE of fire, like some kind of supernatural creature. The result is exciting, spooky, and best of all makes a big impression on the tee, framing the collar in read and black smoke while the fox himself dominates the torso. Excellent placement makes an already interesting concept even more appealing.

Winners at Scopial receive $400 US and a free t-shirt.

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