19 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Uneetee’s Raven

Uneetee‘s latest winner is Raven by Arindra Prakoso. Bird shirts are generally a recipe for success, but unfortunately this one just isn’t working for me. Some of that may be timing- DBH released two raven-themed shirts by kdeuce recently, both of which are more interesting takes on the subject than this piece. But more than anything else, I’m annoyed by how unnecessarily creepy this rendition is. That red splatter in such close proximity to a disembodied head really makes the bird look decapitated. Is there really an audience for that kind of thing? I guess there must be, because this isn’t the first time Uneetee has gone with decidedly gory artwork. It’s not a direction I relish seeing because it strikes me as lazy and easy- I’d rather see a story being told, a statement being made, or at least some interesting or innovative design instead of yet another blood splatter.

Winners at Uneetee earn $500.

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