08 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Uneetee’s Sacrifice

So… Uneetee‘s new design, Sacrifice by Kayas, appears to be about a girl getting shot in the head. Now, I’ve seen guys post comments on shirts before about how if they wear pink, or a shirt with a cartoon on it, or food with faces or whatever that no girl will talk to them. This is the first shirt I’ve ever seen where I think that would be a legitimate complaint. I mean, holy crap. There is blood splatter all over the shirt. And it’s all very literal, rather than symbolic (the way a design like Threadless’s Flowers in the Attic is). It’s creepy as hell. There’s no story here, no metaphor- just violence. Even worse, it’s really poorly done. The girl is well-drawn, but the splatter is clearly much less skilled and even appears to include a couple of coffee cup stains. Yikes.

Winners at Uneetee earn $500.

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