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35% off and New Shirts Added at Design By Humans

Design By Humans‘s friends and family sale continues through the end of the month, so use the code DBHFAM to get 35% off your order. And if you order after that, try the code 512FC6 for 15% off until January 5th. The code UK8AP4 will get you 15% off until December 10th. As always, let me know if you have a coupon code for DBH- I’ll list it at the top of my next DBH post.

Holy badass, Battlesnake! by Leon is awesome… It’s a very unique image, combining two threatening objects into one incredible composition. The snake writhes its way through a gleaming pair of brass knuckles, fangs bared and ready to strike. Action, texture and a rugged shirt color combine to make this my must-have of the week.

T Forest Guardian by BubuSam is a neat, textural piece that shows trees growing on the back of a turtle, with their roots forming a pattern similar to that on actual turtles. I’m not particularly into the half-toning though- heavy use of halftones for shading and textures is something that I find pretty distracting, as the bulk of it often takes my eyes away from the details of a design. The yellowness of the color palette doesn’t really inspire me, either. Still, I can say that while this shirt doesn’t suit me, it’s very well done. I’m passing on it, but I would still recommend it to others.

Medusa Monkey Version by cmarts is a solid image, using a nicely cartooned image of a monkey’s medusa-like hair (I found the style to be reminiscent of Jamie Hewlett‘s work). But for me, where this shirt really shines is in the printing techniques- DBH has embroidered a texture into the hair. And that’s the kind of subtle detailing that makes me such a fan of the company.

Bird and Blossoms by DrStein is a gorgeous, painterly design that captures the bird so realistically, I almost expect it to move. When people talk about t-shirts as art, this is the kind of shirt they’re talking about. That said, I have one reservation- there’s a huge yellow splotch behind the design (kind of looks like a lily pad) and for me, it’s a major distraction. It lacks the delicacy of the rest of the image, and is the sole reason I’m not buying a copy. Which is too bad, because otherwise it is pretty close to perfection.

To be frank, Controlled Chaos by jsheldon is a huge disappointment for me. It looks like a vector pack ad from the mid-nineties, not a modern, well-designed shirt. What I typically respond to at DBH is the unique, artistic shirt collection, so I’m sad that they’re now carrying something that looks so generic to me. It was a good decision to get rid of the ridiculous texture from the original submission (which was even more generic, believe it or not), but I don’t see anything in this worth printing at all.

Overall, it wasn’t a favorite week for me, but there was definitely some quality. Battlesnake alone makes me willing to overlook the other decisions that I found a bit questionable. It just sucks for me that I disliked several of the shirts offered during DBH’s biggest sale yet!

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  1. DrStein 6 August 2008 at 4:29 am Permalink

    Just came across this blog. and yeah my t-shirt didn’t print the way I wanted. The yellow background pretty much ruins the design, the original illustration’s very different, you can see it on my deviantART page.

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