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New This Week at Design By Humans

Design by Humans has some really fantastic additions to their collection this week, but instead of purchasing them immediately you should put them in your shopping cart and wait until Wednesday. That’s because Design By Humans is having a massive friends and family sale from December 25th to the 31st, taking a huge 35% off all orders with the code DBHFAM!

The shirt that most caught my eye this week is Little Bird’s in Heaven Now by Lupencia. It has a lot going for it: a savvy color palette, shirt placement that creates movement, and a concept that I’ve never seen done before. But what really won me over is the positioning of the characters. The human figure has two sets of arms, at once cradling the dead bird and standing idly by. The large bird figure moves its arms flamboyantly, both protecting the smaller bird and spinning him playfully. This is the kind of art that makes me eager to keep looking for new details.

Punkitecture by Supasilvio is a good-looking but funny shirt that stands out in a crowd. Punk rockers reimagined as columns, literal pillars in society. And the art, with its tight, textural lines, is more than a match for the freshness of the concept. It’s great to see something this original.

Evilism by MAKI is another one I quite like, pairing a charming cartooned drawing of a dinosaur with a cool printing technique: tight, thin circles course through the drawing, creating a hypnotic effect. The type surrounding the ravenous aliens is also fun, saying things like “Survival of the Meanest” and “Outer space does not exist fellas.” Good stuff.

!!!! by graphicairlines has the kind of collaged, illustrative feel that I think people are starting to associate with the Design By Humans brand. I like the colors used, and the sharpness of the mostly triangular shapes. My one tiny complaint is that the piece seems more focused at the center than I typically like- the overall shape is a little rectangular for me, and I might have preferred the design to be more dynamic when viewed at a distance. Still, it’s undeniably high quality- just not necessarily my cup of tea.

Elephants Hunt In Pairs by fatheed is a really nice visual joke. But, as with a lot of visual jokes, I’m not sure that a t-shirt is the best place for it. The overall shape and placement isn’t the kind of thing I look for in a shirt. That said, I really do like the joke a lot- the idea of elephants turning the tables on some whalers is really funny, and I’d love to see the concept animated.

So overall, DBH has done a really nice job of expanding their collection this week. Three of the shirts are ones that I’m considering a buy on, and the other two have merits as well despite not being to my taste.

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    For when that sale is done, here’s another coupon code (15%) valid until Jan 5th. Have fun! 512FC6

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