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Design By Humans: New this week

Sanguine Parliament by thunderpeel is a freaking rad print, and my pick for best of the week. The colors are amazing- bright and unusual, they pull you right in. But the style of the piece is what really makes it a killer. Sharp, verctored lines and shapes tell the story of a brutally dangerous night in the wilderness. Here, no one is an innocent- owls feel more accusing than wise as they scope you out, and there is no mistaking the sharpness of the fox’s teeth. Bright pink blood flows freely, giving shape to the fox as it cheerfully indicates carnage. It’s a fun design to look at, especially in how the fox and owls become one creature.

While You Were Sleeping by Bender makes use of a collage style, packed full with vectored characters, objects and flourishes. The color palette is nice and earthy, and I enjoy the way the red ink pops from the olive shirt. There’s a strong street art influence throughout, especially in the strong use of contrast. It feels a bit like a clean and crisp take on graffiti in that way. I have to admit that it’s not quite my cup of tea- in collages, I look for personality of characters and the ones here are too blank to capture my imagination. The emphasis is instead on the balance of colors, lines and shape, which is a valid choice but one I find less compelling.

Bad Reception by spacemonkeydr is treading some stale territory, but salvages it by dealing the subject matter in an interesting way. Because yes, deer with antenna-antlers is something that has popped up on a lot of sites recently. What I like about the design is that the style becomes so much more worthwhile than the idea- you get lost in the lines, following their paths around the entire composition. The confusion of the lines feels right, and compares easily to the overwhelming feeling of having too much information and technology to keep track of.

Gumballs by tolagunestro just barely missed being my favorite this week- and it’s definitely not for any fault in the design, because the work is impeccable. I’m genuinely impressed with how realistic the gumballs look- it’s a photoreal effect, and that’s not something I’ve seen in previous DBH prints. The dome of the helmet seems so dimensional I expect to be able to reach out at touch it. Another nice touch is in the way the suit picks up colored highlights, a nice burst of brightness that helps the design feel like a united piece.

Trium by mymutas is a bit tough to review, as it’s both one color and purely abstract. One thing this design does very well is create variance in texture- by using solid colors in some areas and line patterns in others, it feels like there’s a lot of action despite the limited palette. The extreme angles even start to suggest some kind of motion or dimensionality. For me, though, the art doesn’t truly capitalize on the format- it doesn’t feel especially pleasing to the human form, and that’s something that could be improved on. The way it sits near the collar, for instance, feels clumsy. I’d call this print an interesting experiment, but one that is not entirely successful.

Design By Humans is an on-going t-shirt design contest that prints new shirts every weekday. Prints are chosen from the shirts submitted by and voted on by DBH members. Shirt of the Day winners receive $500 cash and $250 DBH credit. Shirt of the Week winners get $1000 cash. Shirt of the Month gets $1500 cash and $250 credit. Winners also have an opportunity to earn residuals through the Rockstar Awards Program.

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  1. Bender 21 September 2010 at 12:25 am Permalink

    Hey just a quick note on my design. I think DBH did a really great job printing it, but 2 things happened that I think dimished the actual print compared to my original submission. One, two of the colors were removed which explains the excessive whiteness of it. And two, something happened when the file was prepared for printing that caused some of the line weights to be randomly thickened and thinned.

    Just something to note. If you want to see the original artwork just as a comparisson you can check it out here:


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