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New this week at Design By Humans

Unseeing by Sonmi is an easy pick for shirt of the week because it is also one of my favorite DBH prints in a long time. I love the way it flows across the shirt, for a mysterious and almost spooky effect. You find yourself wondering what she’s reacting to. The detail of the circles within her head are a great addition, a pop of color that ensures it captures your attention and imagination. But what really sets this design apart is the printing- placement is perfect, with the focal point nestled on one shoulder. It’s a huge print that remains totally wearable, and looks like no other tee.

Guntree by D4N13L is a frustrating shirt. The concept is sound- having a tree sprouting out of the barrel of a gun is an interesting update to the flower-in-a-gun sixties image, and makes visual sense. I even like the way it sits on the shirt, because the crown of the tree spanning from shoulder to shoulder looks strong and impressive. The problem, of course, is that it looks like clip art. And not just any clip art- as robsoul points out in the comments, it is totally the same tree that was in Threadless’s infamous Predicament, a design fairly well-known because of how shamelessly it copied the work of another artist. What kills me is that this isn’t even that great a tree. How hard would it have really been to make that original?

Recycling Robot by DarkChocolat is a robot schematic with a twist. Within the diagram, you can see ordinary objects incorporated into the robot’s form (most notably a Gameboy and a coffee machine). That adds a humorous element to the piece, and also adds some backstory. This isn’t just the creation of some corporate scientist, it’s a robot made by a real person, and out of materials they had on hand. This is another tee that does a great job on placement, and with colors that look great on the brown shirt.

Traveling in my Space Suit by biotwist imagines an astronaut as a comic book style hero, while also showing him as an ordinary man. The illustration screams superhero, while the details (the man’s suit and briefcase) are decidedly average. It’s a neat juxtaposition, and seems to me like a comparison between the kind of jobs kids dream of having and the reality they grow up to accept. As much as we’d all sometimes like to fly through the stars and save galaxies, those TPS reports won’t file themselves.

The Perfect Tee by a_mar_illo is purely about fun. A tongue-in-cheek look at t-shirt trends, it lists off some of the most common themes and looks like birds and roaring animals. For me, the joke is strongest in places where multiple trends intersect, like how the robot is given a Lincoln beard. I kind of wish the entire scene hung together a bit better, with all the trends interacting. That said, the napkin doodle style is definitely charming, and any hardcore shirt fan is bound to find it funny. I’m not sure I’d wear it, but it’s good stuff.

Design By Humans is an on-going t-shirt design contest that prints new shirts every weekday. Prints are chosen from the shirts submitted by and voted on by DBH members. Shirt of the Day winners receive $500 cash and $250 DBH credit. Shirt of the Week winners get $1000 cash. Shirt of the Month gets $1500 cash and $250 credit. Winners also have an opportunity to earn residuals through the Rockstar Awards Program.

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