14 July 2022 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Zen Music

Zen Music by Alfbocreative mixes peaceful vibes with music, with excellent results. There’s a lot about this design that works, but one of my favorite bits is how the dashed, sketchy style of the record’s pencilled lines forms a texture very much like the grooves of a vinyl disc. Another highlight is the sophisticated way that cherry blossoms grow around the turntable’s tone arm, their pink shades perfectly matching the record’s colorful label. Even the small written tag on the bottom left feels balanced, evening out the weight of the tone arm. It’s a great expression of visual harmony, all in the pursuit of musical harmony. How zen is that?

Pampling has multiple prizes available. XPress Prize winners earn 1 euro for each product sold in the presale and XPress sale (with a guaranteed minimum of 500 euros). Shot Prize winners earn 1 euro per product sold (with a guaranteed minimum of 200 euros). Classic Prize winners get 300 euros. All designers are also potentially eligible for the 1000 euro Designer of the Month Prize (selected by the Pampling team taking into consideration sales success, priority, and participation).

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